Good Deal or Not? “spacious & private backyard w. shed” edition

This condo is located at 3221 11th Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Your very own, spacious & private backyard w. shed! Open Kitchen and LR w Fpl all on terrific, tree lined block in Columbia Hts! HWFs & good layout. Open kitchen w. large b’fast bar. Close to Col Hts Metro, Meridian Pint, Red Rocks & numerous dining options, theater, retail shops and parks! Perfect City Dwelling!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $425,000 ($298 monthly condo fees.)

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  • Great deal and super cool owners!

  • Thats a great location and a good looking condo, but I can’t imagine paying that much for a 2BR basement. It may be a good deal, but it wouldn’t be a good deal for me.

    • Ha, just noticed on Redfin it’s under contract already. Guess not everyone shares my distaste for below grade.

    • That’s pretty much what I was going to say, too: too much for a basement. The second bedroom doesn’t even seem to have windows and the master bedroom is really dark. No, thanks.

  • It seems like a pretty good deal to me 2 bed/ 2 bath – if you’re okay with a small-community condo-living situation. The interior seems nice enough and the patio looks sweet.

  • The outdoor space is really nice. I guess it somewhat makes up for the lack of windows. It looks like there are none in the 2nd br.

  • Re: The last GDoN

    I think it was the last one on 7th St NE…Has an Under Contract Sign on it. Not sure of final price but it went pretty quick

  • IMO, the backyard alone makes it worth it. Two full bathrooms are an added bonus.

  • I think it’s a decent deal, given the proximity to metro. As a condo owner with no outdoor space of my own, I would be thrilled with a private yard like that. Yes it’s below ground, which wouldn’t be my preference, but the wall of windows into the living room area helps a little. The bedroom areas do seem kind of dark, but my condo has units like that and the owners said they actually prefer it; they claim they sleep better in a cave-like bedroom. Different strokes. Just nitpicking but I think technically that would be a 1BR+den if the second room doesn’t have a window; it also doesn’t seem to have a closet.

    • I guess the 2nd “BR” does have a closet, just saw the photos from different angles. Still looks like no windows though.

  • I really wish there was a way to stop developers from dividing perfectly lovely houses into multiple condos. Destroys the house. Forces up housing prices. Who in their right mind buys a basement (and only a basement)? You get pretty much the biggest problem area of a house, except you don’t get the benefit of owning house.

    • People who plan on staying in the District long term, don’t make a ton of cash and want to pay less than 1/2 of their income on rent.

      -Happy Chick who owns a basement and pays 40%less than she used to for rent….

      • A quick redfin search pops up 15 2 bed/2 bath condos that are above ground; in Columbia Heights/Adams Morgan/USt; under $450K; and above ground. So, there are plenty of other options to lower your housing costs without the many issues/risks that come with basements.

    • Who in their right mind buys a basement condo? Someone who can’t afford to spend $750K+ on a whole house but doesn’t want to move to the suberbs. It’s probably more common than you think…

      I love the yard on this one- I think this is overall a good deal compared to others in the neighborhood.

      • Just for the record, you can get whole houses two blocks east of this condo for roughly the same price. I understand that doesn’t appeal to everyone, and the neighborhood east of Georgia is less desirable, but there are other choices besides $750K or the suburbs.

    • While I agree that it is sad that enormous swaths of the cities century old beautiful townhomes are being carved up like a thanksgiving turkey, you are completely wrong about it “forcing” up housing prices. It does just the opposite.

      You take a townhouse that housed one family of three people, and carve it up into 4 townhomes, each with its own family (or atleast a couple). So you now house 8 people where 3 were, increasing the housing supply and driving down pricing.

      DC’s housing prices right now are all about supply, and the supply is burdened because DC is the jobs mecca of the nation right now and everyone and their cousin is moving here to work.

  • i do not see closets anywhere in the condo. so that leads me to believe they are probably tiny. the outdoor space is really nice though. and the kitchen looks really well done.

    • I went through this place last weekend during an open house. There are actually two nice sized closets in the master bedroom, a small closet in the 2nd bedroom and a good sized storage space under the stairs. The amount of closet space actually surprised me. I think it’s a good deal given the location and backyard. There aren’t many green spaces in this part of town. I would have seriously considered making an offer, but I don’t yet have my pre approval letter. Guess I better get on that.

      • There aren’t any greenspaces in this part of town??????? This place is down the street from the soccer field at Tubman elementary, three blocks from the Bruce Monroe Park, a short walk from the Trolley Park and a quick jog or bike ride to Rock Creek Park. The Columbia Heights community garden is also just up the street. There’s no way you can reasonably say there aren’t greenspaces in this part of town.

        • A quick walk to Bruce Monroe – yes. It’s a temporary park. The Trolley park is not green space. It’s an active playground. Great for the neighborhood, but a different use. Harriet Tubman remains locked unless you have a permit for soccer or bocce (not very neighborhood friendly). Have you ever tried a quick jog/walk to Rock Creek Park with kids in tow? There’s also the new columbia heights green that gets pretty filled when there are events (shows demand). It’s locked otherwise. So yes, This area could use more pocket parks of green space.

  • Off-topic: I’ve seen this on a few other RE listing virtual tours. What is going on with these photos? Are they being photoshopped or what? The colors and finish don’t look like actual photos. Does anyone know if/how they are being doctored up? They don’t look real to me at all.

    • a lot of RE photography these days use HDR. Some better than others… over done HDR can look really fake and like computer generated graphics.

      • Thanks for your reply. It’s an interesting process, I guess, in theory. Essentially, if I am getting it correctly, is that it’s trying to achieve what b/w photos do naturally? Do I also have this right – that it takes a series of photos and then, for example a wall with sunlight shining on it, will take the different shades/tones in order to achieve a sort of gradation, as to replicate what is actually happening in real life? If so, interesting. I would like to see an example of where it’s done expertly and achieves said goal, as opposed to the photos I’ve seen, where the pictures look fake as all can be.

        • i was trying to do a search for some “good” HDR. I think what i needed to search for was “realistic” HDR… this RE website came up, and some of the images look a lot better to me. They explain on their site, how their images differ from some of the typical over-done HDR images yous see elsewhere.

          • To anonnnnn,

            Thanks for the link and I agree these photos are much better examples of what HDR can achieve. I realize when I first responded to you that my question probably placed a burden on you to find some good examples and I didn’t mean for that; I was asking thinking that you might have had some examples at-the-ready, so it was nice of you to dig a little more. I may do more digging about this process because it is sort of interesting and I like the result when it’s not overdone.

  • went under contarct already. apparently, a good deal…

  • Wow. This is why we bought a detached house in Petworth instead of a condo in the Adams Morgan to Columbia Heights area. Less $, more space, above ground, no condo fee. I have to drive to Giant though.

  • Good deal. Saw it during the open house. Great location and awesome outdoor space.

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