Good Deal or Not? “nearly a perfect 10” edition

This house is located at 1300 F Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“This is nearly a perfect 10!! Great original detail but wonderful open floorplan for today’s living – Open gourmet kitchen to huge dining room, formal living room w/great woodwork, spacious fam room leads to party deck & grand patio/garden area. 3 good bedrooms with 2 stunning baths up, fin. bsmt ideal as rec room or 4th bedroom, garage & driveway”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $779,000.

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  • Good deal, I went and looked at it the other day and decided it just wasn’t right for what I’m looking for. Kitchen is great, awesome back deck and lower yard area. The only problem I saw was upstairs having a funky layout for the master bedroom having this odd room attached. Would be a perfect nursery. The price is about right for the size of the house and especially once the trolley is operating.

    • There is no trolley. It was all just a story they told upper-middle class people to get them to move to the starburst. Sorry 🙁

      Just kidding–kinda.

      • I don’t think this place — or many houses in that Maryland Ave corridor — is reliant on the streetcar project for value. It would be easier to walk or take the bus to Union Station from that address anyway. It’s places north of H that will benefit most from the streetcar. Or least when you consider how much busier the bars and restaurants will be if the line ever starts running.

        • Yeah it may be easier, but I remember a fair amount of discussion that some people who don’t like to take metrobuses will ride streetcars. And although it’s a straight shot, it’s still probably a mile to Union Station. So I would guess that the 4 block walk to the streetcar definitely is going to help induce someone to plunk down almost $800K here. It looks like a very nice house from the pictures, with a pretty green corner lot, so I will say good deal.

  • I think that seems really high for the the area, even though it is a nice house. I would have expected it to be in the mid-$600’s

    • Not at all high for the area. Inventory of move-in ready houses like this on the Hill is tiny, so it’s a seller’s market. This will go quickly, like the GDON house the other day on 7th that was under contract after like 10 days.

      • I don’t think so, with those tiny backyards and small little one way streets, you are right on top of your neighbors. Just an opinion, though.

        • Somewhat uniformed opinion, too– yes, there are some smaller houses in Rosedale (especially closer in to Capitol Hill) with small or nonexistent backyards, but some of them actually sit on huge parcels. Google satellite the north side of the 1600 block of Gales Street, the western side of 19th St between D & E sometime, or the enormous greenspaces between D & E / 20 & 21st.

          I’m not saying houses in Rosedale should be selling for anywhere near this house, but it always surprises me that 3 blocks can be a half million dollar difference. It just doesn’t add up.

  • seems too high…dont see much appreciation, if any, happening at that price

  • Nice looking house, I wonder why they kept the radiators in… Makes me wonder if there is central A/C.

    • There is central A/C. From looking at the pictures they must have used the high velocity mini duct system, which are small tubes that deliver cold air and are great for older houses that have radiator heating. Tubes are 2-3″ in diameter.

    • Listing says it has CAC.

    • radiators are much better than central heat.

      • Yes! It would have been unfortunate if they took them out. And I think it would have lowered the value of the house.

    • Yep, you can see the round high velocity outlets on the ceiling in picture 9 (Family Room) of the listing’s slide show. I too kept the radiators and had high velocity AC put in my house. Radiator heat beats all, and I love my AC.

    • A lot of people remove them so they can have central heat and air. It’s possible to have the much better radiator heat AND central air with regular size air ducts. I had radiators back into my house.

      • *put back into my house (sorry, bronchitis affects my ability to type).

      • I would be interested in knowing how you did this and how much it cost. The nimrod owner before me replaced both heat and ac with a spacepak heatpump and ripped out the perfectly good radiators.

  • That looks like a great deal. With the basement, it looks like a ton of space. I would rather purchase a more dated house in this area for less and remodel it to my tastes than pay for an already finished product, but it is well done. It’s also off of Maryland, so it feels a bit safer than some of the quieter parts of this area.

  • Wasn’t there a house featured a couple days ago that was 6 blocks west of here (closer to the Metro and 90 buses and further from where it starts to get sketchy)? With an extra full bath listed for around the same price? And a lot of people thought it was overpriced?

  • So I guess the definition of what is “Capitol Hill” these days has grown to pretty much be any part of NE or SE that is west of the Anacostia!

    • Or, factually, this house could reside within in the boundaries of the Capitol Hill historic district, boundaries that have been on the books for decades. From the Capitol Hill Historic District Web site:

      “The Capitol Hill Historic District is bounded by Virginia Ave., SE.; S. Capitol, 2nd Street and and F Sts., NE.; and 14th Sts., SE & NE. Most of the buildings are private residences and not open to the public. Metro stops: Union Station, E. Capitol, and Eastern Market.”

  • I think it’s a little high for the location and its comparable. With the price almost 800K, it should have been closer to Lincoln Park, Staton Park, or the Eastern Market. BTW, I think they did a good job over all on the house itself. I would have placed an offer if it’s closer to the Eastern Market, Barrack Row or at least south of D or C street NE.

    • I don’t think you could get a house this big for $800k near Eastern Market or Barracks Row. I paid around that price but my house is signficiantly smaller. Same story with my next-door neighbors. We’d both been looking for about two years and most of what we were seeing in that price range was further north and east.

  • Good luck convincing the new owners that they’re on the Hill. I don’t care what the currently agreed upon boundaries are.

    Anyway, no, I wouldn’t buy it at that price at that location.

    • Someone always has to comment on how this “isn’t the Hill.” It’s on the edge, but yes, it is. Sure, the Capitol Hill neighborhood is huge and should probably be broken down into smaller defined areas, but it’s ridiculous to act like the seller is being dishonest by listing this as being the in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. It absolutely is. When I was looking at Capitol Hill homes I was looking here too. I live in what would probably be considered the center of Capitol Hill (1 block from Eastern Market), and still consider this to be part of my neighborhood.

      • I lived right at Stanton Park, and I definitely did not consider 13th & F to be part of my neighborhood. But the seller is probably glad to hear that they aren’t the only one that believes 13th & F is on the Hill.

        • What is it then?

          • I don’t know what that area is. Call it H St NE, call it the edge of Capitol Hill, call it “ideally situated near Capitol Hiill and H St”. I don’t know. But living there is not going to feel like living on the Hill. The house isn’t near any of the amenities associated with Capitol Hill. And for what it’s worth, it’s also outside of the CHHD.

  • Good deal would be at $720k. Somebody will probably pay this price, but they won’t be the pickiest buyer.

    • That’s the biggest problem with Capitol Hill: exasperated buyers who are just tired of looking and end up paying more just to end the process. The owners here know that so they list too high and if they have no immediate need to sell they just wait for the pay day. I feel like some of these places I’m seeing are $150k overpriced and the owner has no problem sitting on it.

    • Ha, that is the reason the housing stock is priced where it is in DC…there isn’t anything else as the housing stock is so low–Google ‘Supply & Demand’. If you haven’t applied/qualified for a mortgage and started searching for a property recently, you have no idea how difficult it is to find a decent place to buy in this town.

      It’s been said time and time again…the house is worth what people will pay.

  • Wow, overpriced – even for DC. I live right around the corner in a similary priced house (English basement). Like this one it’s a cooker cutter thrown up in the early to mid 20th century. Like this one it’s in an overhyped neighborhood.

    You have the option of dining locally at about a miles worth of decent restaurants/bars (H St.) – and this is being genorous. Or Checkers, if you like fast food!!!

    Your neighborhood grocery store options are 2 dirty Safeways, a dirty 7-11 filled with cockroaches (and rats in the alley), or two overpriced/understocked “bodegas”.

    then again there’s always the trash cluttering the streets from the 7-11 (those darn garbage cans are so hard to find – apparently), the police helicopter on random afternoons, and those cute school children who throw rocks at cyclists and love using profanity…

    oh and your car will be broken into.

    But enjoy the interior, looks nice for about $250k, just don’t go outside.

    /moving next month.

  • I saw this house last weekend. I think it is overpriced for what it is. I would expect a house that needs no work for this price, but in my opinion, it still needs some work. I have seen nicer houses in that same price range in that area.

  • I think it might be a little high. A house down the street from me only 2 BR sold for WAY MORE than I though it would – $580,000 which was $20,000 less than listing (I knew she wasn’t going to sell at 600K). We are on C SE pretty much directly south and are 10 min. walk to 2 metros and 2 groceries. Neighbors house is only 2 BR and the back isn’t quite as nice but I don’t think that the F Street house is $200,000 more of a house. IMO

    • You’re at 14th and C Street SE and a house near you sold for only $580k? Something doesn’t seem right about that. Did it need a ton of work? I ask because I spent a couple years looking for houses in the area so I’m familiar with the comps. I distinctly recall seeing a 2-bedroom house that was under $600k, at 12th and Independence, but it was in horrible shape with a horrible layout and needed to be gutted. Small liveable houses were starting at around $650k, and were usually more like $700-800k. This was during the 2009-2011 timeframe and I don’t think the prices have dropped since then.

      • Actually didn’t need any work -new windows, renoed kitchen, new bath, new outside paint job, new fence. It was listed for 600k and was on the market for over a month. The first offer was for basically the same amount. As what it sold for but wasn’t accepted because it was too low. The owner lowered the price and settled for the new price. The comp used was on. Walter for a house that sold for 600k but Walter is HIGHLY desirable. I knew that the house would sell for less than the origional asking price.

        • I’m just finding it hard to believe that ~$600k is a normal price for that area. That definitely was not my experience.

          • It’s a completely different neighborhood than five years ago. If you lived there 10 years ago you would be completely dumbfounded by what it is today.

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