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  • I love Bloomingdale, but this is a joke, right?

  • Will someone please tell the realtor that this is not 2005, and expecting someone to pay nearly $600K for this mess is absurd.

  • absolutely insane.

  • Hell to the No.

  • Yikes!… If this sells quickly, you know you’re in a solid “buyers market”… Hah.

  • Seems like an awful lot to pay for a house that has more “potential” than “actual.”

  • $600K? For that dump? 18 months ago you could get a completely renovated home in LeDroit Park for the low to mid $500K’s. Other than a reduction in supply, I don’t think the market has moved that much..or at all.

    Somebody needs to fire their realtor.

    • It’s not usually the realtor, it’s the seller. They have the final say in listing price. Don’t blame the messenger in these types of situations. You can always make an offer for the real price, and then wait until they have enough days on the market to compromise…

  • April fools again already?

  • shipsa01

    Terrible deal. Over $200k over-priced.

  • If that’s the “upgraded kitchen” I worry what the bathrooms look like.

  • the updated kitchen is “to die for”!

  • This amazes me. For nearly 200k less, you could have gotten a lot more (equal updating needed) house two blocks away. I’d say in comparison, whoever put an offer in this place got a good deal (http://www.redfin.com/DC/Washington/26-Bryant-St-NE-20002/home/10072024)

  • Dark, depressing, and a time capsule from the late 1960s or so.

  • Thats disturbing. Prices in Bloomingdale have sky rocketed – but this is really far north and not my favorite block. A developer couldn’t turn much of a profit, if any, at this price. If they bought it at 475-500, they might be able to sell it for a bit over 700, but thats a bit of a stretch.

    If this was totally renovated, I think it would probably go for between 600-650, so 400-450, or less, really seems more reasonable.

  • wow. Overpriced but probably by only 100k. Not sure the hype on blooming dale, a lot of the house are beautiful (this isn’t one of them), but not close to metro and too close to crazy ass public housing. I thought this area might almost pass as pleasant plains.

    • The proximity to (very few, compared to many other areas) units of public housing and the distance to the metro hasnt kept many houses in Bloomingdale from selling for in excess of 750k.

      I just dont think this specifc house could ever be one of them. Its kind of small for bloomingdale.

  • Any estimates of what it would take to fix up that interior? I think you’d have to redo every single room in the photos and that could cost upwards of $50k-$75k easily. What are odds the original hardwood is okay under those carpets? Does anyone who has done a similar project have an estimate of the costs of the sort of restoration that would be needed here?

    • One consideration: assuming the bones of the house are okay, the main work the rooms pictured would need — redoing floors and walls and such — is something that a competent DIYer is capable of doing for a fraction of the price of contract work. (Who knows about the bathrooms though?)

    • Based on my current gut project, it would cost around $160k to re-do to a nice level using a General Contractor.

  • novadancer

    this is one overpriced mess. but it’s not a complete fabrication… the kitchen “has” been upgraded… just not in the last 20 or 30 years!

  • Yeah, I thought saying this was Bloomingdale was a stretch, although it could be technically within the boundaries. If you go into this knowing you have to do a lot of work, it’s still insulting to start at this price before having to put a penny towards improvements. If you are arguing that this is in Bloomingdale, there are gorgeous homes in the neighborhood and this is not one of them.

    • I don’t understand how this would be a stretch to say it’s Bloomingdale. Bloomingdale’s boundaries are Channing Street to the North, 2nd Street to the East (north of Rhode Island Avenue) and Third Street (south of Rhode Island), Florida Avenue, to the South, and North Capitol Street to the West. 160 Adams street falls clearly within those boundaries.

      • I said it could technically fall within Bloomingdale boudaries. From looking quickly at the map, it seems like it’s the nexus of Ledroit, Pleasant Plains and Bloomingdale.

  • You can just smell the mustiness.

  • There was a house the same size completely renovated new everything for 700k so I know this is a joke… there is no way someone is going to pay that much … they might be about to get 500 but I’m going to guess it goes down to 450

  • POP, you should probably restate your last sentence to “is listed at”. I’m going to bet it’s not “going” anywhere at that price.

  • brookland_rez

    Kitchen upgraded? When? 1970?

    That house looks like the set of Sanford and Son.

  • I hope the realtor talked to them to their face was as blue as the carpet, but the sellers were playing amateur realtor and this is what they wanted.

    Considering the “staging” I wonder if this is a case of longtime owners dying/moving into a assisted living type facility and they/the kids selling because a crappy as the decor is it is pretty devoid of pictures and tchotchkes – heck some rooms are almost completely devoid of anything but that carpet.

  • I am now actively rooting against skyrocketing house prices. This is insane, and with some other recent outrageous listings can only indicate another housing bubble in DC.

    This coming from somebody who bought two years ago, betting on DC recovering and continuing to trend upward– but this is ridiculous.

    • brookland_rez

      I bought 3 years ago and now that I’m on the owner’s side of the fence, I hope they get that price. It seems to me that this year is the first year of a real upswing. My guess is things are going to get way more bubbly before they go down. Seems like these things run on 5 year cycles. The downturn began in 2006, bottomed in 2009, and now things are on the rise in 2012. I say we will hit peak again in 2017 and then have another downturn.

  • what a dump…and nit even close to a metro…it must be a joke. They will
    eed to reduce the price by 200+ …i love the description of quaint… what is quaint about this outdated awful dark place.

  • That blue carpet looks like it will take an EPA permit to remove. YIKES!

  • It’s been relisted for $465,000, which is certainly more reasonable.

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