Good Deal or Not? “Architectural distinctions” edition (reader request)

This house is located at 3530 New Hampshire Avenue, NW:

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The listing says:

“Architectural distinctions, properly proportioned. & masterfully crafted. Functionality that flows from open LR to sunny DR to gourmet Kit & out to rear dck & 2car pkg. Bedroom lvl has a front facing Master Ste w/spa bath & walk in closet. Middle BR gets loads of light & rear BR has a Juliet balcony. Keep going up to the open loft/ den or head down to the 2BR/1BA In-Law Suite w/side & rear exit”

You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/3.5 bath is going for $789,000.

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  • Architectural distinctions? Not. The house looks nice but there’s nothing distinct about the place, the rooms, while nice, are ordinary. The tiling in that bath makes me dizzy (I might fall and hit my head). The bedrooms looked small in the photos. Nice but not $789,000 nice.

  • no way. House across the street, albeit a bit smaller (3br 2 bath) just sold for $615,000, and had been nicely renovated.

  • I really don’t like the open floor on this one. It looks cheap and sterile. The kitchen is not interesting. I think they could have done so much more with this renovation, especially with it being an end unit. It’s a shame. Looks like a quick flip and about $100K overpriced.

  • I requested this – my bf and I were floored when we saw what this is listed at esp as Anony 1:16 noted a not-unsimilar place just went for $615. We think they are out of their damn minds. And yeah, it is bo-ring.

  • This seems optimistically priced, if the 3 br/2 ba across the street sold for $615K. Maybe this one should be somewhere in the low 700s?

    It seems like an OK flip job (except for the tiling in the bath — my eyes!!), and is set up so that the basement (whether legal or not) could be rentable. The parking gate is handy, and would’ve cost the homeowner a good $8,000 to get on its own.

  • I walk by this place all the time and it was in really, really rough shape before the flip (the porch is brand new, for example). I’d make sure to get a good inspection.

  • In theory you guys are right, in a sane world the owners would not get what they are asking. But since this being DC where left is right, down is up and the sun rises in the West, I’m sure they’ll get what their asking for.

    This is how insane the Petworth market has become.

    • I don’t get it; those are listed for much less than than this or most things listed on this site. The first one is huge too, and looks especially nice inside.

      • The house in today’s GDoN is in Columbia Heights.

        The house in the first MLS link is in Petworth and is a good bit further north.

        I don’t have a good sense of where the house in the second MLS link is.

      • I’m just saying people are bidding up fixer-uppers so I wouldn’t be surprised if the seller bascially gets what he or she is asking for.

        Now even though the craftman is nice and the fact that it has a suburban size yard it still needed a lot of work inside. The basement was not finished and it smelled really bad. All the windows needed to be replace and the add-on in the kitchen barely has any support. So in my mind it would be crazy to put down at least 520k for a house that needs work still.

        The other house, above grade is only 1020 sq ft and very tight. Their was a house across the street that was fixed up that sold for 370k in the winter.

        Hence lots of crazies out their throwing numbers around IMO.

    • What’s the difference between original price and list price?

  • I actually saw this house during their open house this weekend. The tile in the bathroom isn’t as bad as it looks in person, although it is a bit busy. One issue is that the “open loft/den” they are so proud of is where the washer/dryer is, so you would have to go up at least one floor to do laundry no matter what. Also the ceiling for this “loft” was multiple heights and shapes. This gave my husband instant vertigo and we had to go back downstairs.

    The basement is NOT legal, nor could it be made legal without quite an expense. However, the irritating thing for me was that the Realtor kept talking about the price of the house as being comparable to places with rent-able basements and even handed out a comp sheet showing local basement rental prices!!! Maybe its just me, but it feels a but unethical for an agent who knows the place isn’t a legal rental to be comparing it to places that are.

    • Psst, almost all basement rental units in DC are illegal, yet people rent them anyway.

      • Not almost all. There are a lot and DC is aware of the illegal rentals.

      • I know that there are many illegal rentals in DC and that people are still willing to rent them. However that doesn’t excuse the situation.

        • I get what you mean about being ethical. The difference between a good realtor and a bad one (one example) is that a good realtor would tell you straight out that this is not a legal rental. They might also tell you what other “rentals” are going for in the area, if prompted, since people rent out illegal basement apartments and the rate is set by the market, not by if the rental is legal or not. Just to give you an idea. There are people willing to risk renting out an illegal apartment.

    • The “open loft/den” is the finished attic?

  • They did quite the quick turnaround for this property.

  • Um, I think there’s no way this house is 3,500 sq ft. Our 3-level rowhouse is 1750 sq feet and is probably a bit above average for Petworth. I don’t believe this house is double the size, even if there’s a finished loft (can you stand up in it?)

    • I wonder if they’re counting both the attic and the basement (even though only above-grade square footage is supposed to be counted).

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