Good Deal or Not? “Across The Street From Potomac Ave. Metro” edition

This house is located at 918 14th Street, SE:

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The listing says:

“The Best Location In DC! Across The Street From Potomac Ave. Metro. Features 2 Master Suites, Gleaming Hardwood Floors, 2 Laundry Rooms, Full Finished Basement w/Wall To Wall Carpet, Wet Bar and Full Bath. Large Level Rear Yard With 2 Car Garage and Workshop. Roof Top Deck For Relaxing or Entertaining with Amazing Views of The City.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/3.5 bath is going for $729,000.

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  • A steal…

  • yeah effing right–are you kidding me with that area?

    • Care to elaborate?

      • Lots of public housing nearby, and crime is out of control around that Metro station. This is the “bad” part of Capitol Hill.

        • Ha! You have no idea what you are talking about – don’t make assumptions unless you yourself live in this area.

          • It’s nice that you have pride in your neighborhood, but letting it blind you to the huge amount of violent crime in that area is just dumb.

          • I dont live anywhere close to this area, but within 1500 feet of this address there were 47 violent crime instances in the last year.

            In comparison, 1601 R St NW had 73.

            Whether or not you think that the pop density can account for this, 1601 R Street is routinely viewed as safe.

            This location doesnt even have 1 violent crime a week, which is extremely low for DC.

          • @ anonymous at 3:07:

            That could be said of the vast majority of posters on this site.

        • Wow! 3/4 of a million dollars to live by RFK? I guess a sucker is born every minute. More props to the owner if he can get it. About ten years ago, the place was probably selling for $100,000. That’s a nice profit.

        • Clearly you haven’t lived on the Hill that long. To say crime is out of control in that area is a stretch. This isn’t the crack 80’s and early 90’s when crime was really out of control.

          Sure there is crime and I am not try to minimalism it but seriously don’t try to scare others with your fear.

          • What’s really scary is the price tag. If that house cost $730,000 – it truly signals the end for even remotely affordable housing in the District.

        • What is the relevance to this article? No one has said that crime never happens in this area.

  • Errr….No pics of 2 of the bathrooms or the kitchen? After seeing the master bathroom, maybe they are similarly polarizing? That seems like a large house to only have 2 bedrooms. Is there a den? And why does one room have white trim when it is brown everywhere else? Strange listing.

  • I don’t see anything below $800K in that effing area. LOL

  • I live a few blocks north of potomac ave metro, and that price is insane.

  • I would rather have three bedrooms – not 3.5 baths.

  • i’ve been in there and it is terribly designed. they recently redid the bathrooms, and it looks like puke. granted it has a huge yard, but still… it shouldn’t be priced over 600.

  • This just made my day. Thanks PoP!

  • uhhhh… speechless. Is it April 1st?

  • This is overpriced…WAY overpriced.

  • Drug den.

    • …but the next owner should not be surprised by unexpected visitors “stopping by.”

  • If it comes with a security guard, sure. And a helipad. And also another house.

    There was a shoot-out outside the Potomac Ave Harris Teeter just two weeks ago. I wouldn’t pay more than $500k for a house that size in that area. MAYBE $550 if it’s across from the metro.

    • Best location in DC? More like stabbiest location in DC: didn’t that bartender from Trusty’s get stabbed very close to here?

      I have no problem with the market: try to get what you can, but this is clearly overpriced. The blurb is just a lie.

      • Stabbiest part of DC? Hardly. Granted this place is overpriced, but the location is no more dangerous than Shaw, H Street, Petworth, U Street, Coulmbia Heights, and other “safe” neighborhoods.

    • can you leave a link to an article/police report about that shooting? I live right nearby and I didn’t hear anything about it. interesting!

  • With a classy chain-link fence along the walkway and the opportunity to live close to Potomac Gardens and all that entails, this sounds like a deal. (sarcasm)

  • Not.

    What happened the front porch? Where’s the yard (as in grass, bushes, flowers)? This place has as much curb appeal as the old Lorton Penitentiary.

  • Why with the jacuzzi tub in the bathroom re-do? Such a waste of space in a row house. I saw this too many times when we were house hunting; would much rather have more storage.

  • Who are RE agents marketing to with descriptions like this, people who have never been to DC, people who will buy this house at asking price without having seen it/visited it?

    I am happy that the market is DC is strong, but sellers are getting out of control here. Why not just say “safest location in DC: no need to worry about anything! Walk around at night wearing your brand new Rolex, and definitely have no fear of going into dark alleys: let your children roam the streets of this suburban wonderland!”

  • That area is almost as crime-ridden as Columbia Heights. I’d take a pass on this one.

  • Read the CMA’s and weep.

  • Yikes! I think there are four different patterns of tile in that master bathroom.

  • Seriously overpriced…and it’s never a good sign when there isn’t a picture of the kitchen. To defend the neighborhood, though- I live across the street and have never felt unsafe. It’s a great location- steps to the metro, new grocery store, and walking distance to Barracks Row.

  • I’m sorry, that’s overpriced for that area…it will be years before a house in that part of town is worth that price..potomac ave metro area is boring…the southeast freeway is an eyesore..they’ll never do anything with RFK…

    729K for that part of town? Crazy. The safeway is digusting – Harris Teeter has a poor vegetable selection. The public schools are terrible. Moreover, there’s still too many violent crazies around there. Then again, you always have DC jail and the old hospital just sitting there, rusting. Hot.

    • And how is that description different from most of the other transitional neighborhoods in DC? If a bad vegetable selection is a major complaint, that eliminates a lot of neighborhoods.

    • Eastern Market is only 8 blocks away. The best produce in town.

    • That’s a strange comment about the vegetable selection at HT. I eat and cook with all kinds of vegetables and find their selection to be excellent. It’s not Whole Foods, but it’s better than just about anywhere else. And if you can’t find something there you can always try Safeway just up the street, or Eastern Market, or sign up for one of the CSAs that deliver to the neighborhood. When Yes Organic moves to their new and bigger location they might get a better produce section as well. It’s hardly a vegetable desert out here.

  • The neighorhood comments are seriously off base, although this area south of PA is probably somewhat of a less favored portion of Hill East (then again, if I owned a dog I might really like having Congressional Cemetary so close)

    I think it’s priced high, even overlooking some of the design elements that don’t appeal to me. Probably somewhere in the %5-10 range.

  • I live in this neighborhood and think this is way overpriced. Potomac Ave metro and Potomac Gardens are not my idea of the “best location” in DC. They are trying to fool people who only know about Barracks Row and Eastern Market into thinking this is just a short walk down Pennsylvania Ave in the same neighborhood. It’s a whole different ball game down those few short blocks. I live even further North-East but would prefer my location closer to Stadium/Armory (yes, including the jail!) than this one, even with the Harris Teeter.

  • I live a few blocks away and it is definitely overpriced.

    ClueHeywood – I would agree that the Safeway isn’t great but you must not have seen it before because it is waaaay better. And honestly anyone going to buy on this Hill now is not likely to care overmuch about public schools because I would guess a few send their kids to public school.

    Not to say that the Hill doesn’t have problems because it does, but you would think reading some of the comments here that we are back to the bad old 1980’s and early 1990’s when DC had over 400 murders. This is a place where people live and there will be issues where there are people and to expect elsewhere just means you should live where there are literally no people.

    • You seriously betray having any semblance of a clue if you think families moving to the Hill intending to use private schoosl are looking this far east. IB is Tyler, which may not be a top choice for its traditional track, but the spanish immersion option is popular among families many blocks further west on the Hill.

  • HA!!! Yeah, right. I’d pay somewhere in the 400s, tops, for that location.

  • I think the comments on the neighborhood are pretty hyperbolic. I live nearby and the area is not perfect, but it’s not nearly as bad as one would think reading this comment section.

    That said, this house is still insanely overpriced.

  • hmm….this is a long and strange series of rants.

    yep, the price is high, I live two blocks from here. But nope, there aint random pillaging on an hourly basis round here but sh*t does happen, sometimes violent and tragic, as it does everywhere else in the city.

    Safeway disgusting? I disagree…that Safeway has been very nicelyremodelled. The Harris Teeter is fine, I shop there almost every day.

  • Neighborhood aside, not a good deal. As others said, no photos of the kitchen is ALWAYS a red flag. The rooms look small, with unattractive and dated light fixtures. The bathroom looks like it was renovated at least a decade ago, or using cut rate materials from that era. The place has been cleaned up and painted – and the roof deck is lovely – but anyone shopping in this price range would not consider this move-in ready.

    I understand there is a lack of inventory in proportion to demand, but still way inflated. Frustrating because I’m sure someone shopping with a more modest budget would be thrilled by some of what this place has to offer, willing to address the rest over time. Instead I think this place will just sit, barring desperate/stupid buyer.

  • Surely you jest.

    I must say that being an end unit with those nice side windows is a bonus, but the house seems really small—only two bedrooms? And that deck looks about as in good a shape as my deck, which seriously needs to be replaced. Notice the warped wood. $550K is my guess. Maybe throw in another grand for being close to Lalomita’s.

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