Georgetown Valet coming soon to 400 Block of H St, NE – Awesome Building Renovation

A reader sends word that a new Georgetown Valet is coming to the 400 block of H St, NE. He also notes the amazing transformation of the block from just a year ago. Kinda reminds me of the Ethiopic transformation at the corner. Here’s a shot from google just last year:

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  • It’s nice to see some new amenities coming in for the people that actually live around H street rather than just bars and restaurants.

  • Yowzers that’s a pretty sweet renovation.

    Wish they used those street lights on Georgia Ave, instead of the ones that point straight up into the night sky. They illuminate my bedroom ceiling as much as they light up the sidewalk, maybe more.

  • Finally! I live at Senate Square and I’m sick of using Soapy Joe’s.

  • Could they only afford two colors of paint? Nice but fairly home-depot-ey.

  • Basically, the owner of the buildings renovated them in hopes that it would attract businesses. the fronts were redone, the insides gutted, and walls studded, but otherwise left unfinished. Probably also why they left the front color neutral and unoffensive.

  • I disagree – I hardly think this building is representative of an awesome renovation. However, that being said, of course the latter pic is far better than the original pic. All I’m saying is that the renovation seems ordinary and I would walk by the building a thousand times and not think twice about it. I take it that Mark’s explanation does a good job, though, to explain why it is rather neutral.

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