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It’s always fun watching this balcony garden, across from Meridian Hill Park, at the beginning and the end of the season. Even with yesterday’s dust you can already see how good it’s looking:

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  • ehhh. it’s a bit much for a city balcony. I walked by the other day and they were using a leaf blower to clean it off. When you need a leaf blower to clean off your city balcony, its time to tone down the topiary a notch or two.

    the Christmas decorations need to be toned down a bit too

  • This is awesome looking, wish the other balcony tenants did the same. Although I strongly the oppose the use of a leaf blower…anywhere or at anytime. They’re so noisy (can’t believe there aren’t noise restrictions on those things).

  • I’ve never been willing to pay a premium for a balcony, but if I did I would try to do something like this. Reminds me of Italy!

  • I love this balcony. It always makes me sad that the vast majority of people with balconies don’t even use them!

    I love traveling to cities where people appreciate their outdoor space, and every balcony is full of flowers, furniture, children’s toys, etc. Not the case in DC.

    • i wish i had a balcony

      • Me too. I am bitter and jealous and feel that people who can afford balconies but don’t use them do not deserve their apartments. GRUMBLE.

        • OK, it’s not the same thing but do you have a fire escape from one of your windows? When I had a fire escape outside of my window, I planted flowers and herbs in window boxes, pots. It was a small start to a city garden.

          • All of my window ledges have planters full of herbs! That is the best I can do for now. 🙁

          • It sounds like a pretty good start. You’re beautifying your part of the city, which is a nice thing! You’re lucky that it sounds like you get enough sunlight to grow herbs! If you like to mix it up a bit and see color, mix some flowers into the mix, if you can. If you want edible flowers with color, check out nasturtium. I’ve planted those but I never ate them because I thought they were too pretty.

        • balconies for the people!

  • Very Happy Really Early Merry Christmas to All!!

  • my allergies are acting up just looking at the picture

  • Any chance anyone knows 1) the name of red flowers 2) the type of ivy growing in the background 3) the tall singular pot type things. I am asking as I would like to add a few options to my balcony. Thanks!

  • i look at that balcony and think – this must attract a ton of bees/insects.

    i’m allergic to all flying things with stingers and have a crippling fear of all insects, so this wouldn’t work for me.

    it also looks a little claustrophobic.

  • It’s blooming really nice this year. Love this balcony garden, and love looking at it from MXMHPark.

  • Love it – and wish that more of the building built in the 50s/60s had balconies or at least my building.

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