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  • Lovely flowers – but seriously – “If you see anyone in the garden except for Steve or Phill please call 911”????? Best laugh all year just imagining this call!

    • It’s a great garden and takes a tremendous amount of work on their part to keeping it looking good year round, for the benefit of everyone who walks by.

      In full knowledge of how much work this takes, I’d say calling 911 is reasonable. My note would say, “Shoot to kill.”

      • I am Phil’s neighbor. He also does the small garden at the church on 16th and p. It’s so nice that people take an effort to make the city beautiful.

        • wow! both these gardens have really made my life brighter. they do a fantastic job. I hope they know how much their work is appreciated. I love to marvel at the pumpkins in the dupont circle garden. just beautiful.

  • Umm…we are calling police because people are walking in a public space?

    I get it, it takes a lot of work and it is nice that someone is doing this, but do we really think that it is 911 relevant?

    I guess next time I see someone walking through my landscaped treebox I will just call up Johnnie Law to come out and bust some caps.

    • burritosinstereo

      Except I think this is the garden of their home, so not a public space.

      • Well, you are wrong. It is a public triangle park at Mass and P.

        Like I said. I think it is great that they are doing it, but just as my planting flowers in my treebox doesn’t make the treebox my personal property, this park isn’t theirs either and walking through public space isn’t a crime one calls the police for.

  • “911 Emergency. Police, fire, or ambulance?”
    “Ummmm. I don’t really know. Do you have a garden department?”
    “Sir, this line is for emergencies. Do you have an emergency?”
    “Well, there’s someone in Steve and Phil’s garden, and I don’t think he’s Steve or Phil.”

    So, no. I won’t make that call until all violent crime in DC ceases and the police have nothing else to do.

    • +a million.

      The garden is exquisite – no doubt about it. Kudos to Steve and Phil for all their hardwork (and I sincerely mean that). But 911? That is ridiculous, and outrageous.

  • Steve, Phil, you guys are great.

    I love walking past your garden and really appreciate the effort you put into making that part of Dupont so pretty.

  • Contrary to Public Enemy, 911 ain’t no joke. Very nice garden though.

  • Kudos to Steve and Phil for the gardening and beautifying pieces of the city. Normally, I prefer things to be streamlined in a garden but because they seem to be on top of taking care of the garden, it looks beautiful instead of messy. I was wondering if you can make a case for someone on public property to the police. I suppose you could always dial 911 to find out but, while the aim is understandable, seems too reactionary for me. It’s not that I don’t empathize with their hard work and efforts but those are just some of the enemies of a garden, as are insects, rodents, droughts.

  • pablo .raw

    I witnessed a crime in SE across the river several years ago, the affected person called 911 and me and my co-worker waited to act as witnesses. One hour later, she called them back and they said they didn’t have units available. We waited for another hour, and then we all left….

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