Fundraiser this Wed. for Trusty’s Bartender Stabbed 6 Times Trying to Stop a Purse Snatching

1420 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

From Facebook:

First of all we’d like to thank everyone for their support in the past few days. Now we are asking for your help. For those of you who don’t know let’s catch you up to speed. On the morning of May 1st Boone, one of our bartenders, was walking a young lady home when a mugger snatched her purse. Boone took the purse back and wound up in a fight with the mugger. Seconds later Boone realized that he had been stabbed multiple times. After being airlifted to Med Star and undergoing a few surgeries he is miraculously walking around. However he’ll be out of work for awhile and is going to need our support. Therefore we’re [Trusty’s – 1420 Pennsylvania Ave SE] putting on fundraiser Wednesday the 16th to help him. We’ll be doing raffles throughout the night plus passing around the hat a few times. For those who can’t attend you can still help by donating directly to his paypal account to [email protected] We just ask that you send it as a gift.

The Post reported:

“Police arrested James Moyler, 43, of no fixed address, minutes later, charging him with assault and robbery. They said he robbed the woman, then stabbed the man when he tried to intervene.”

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  • Wow! Good luck to Boone for a speedy recovery. I work as a bar back and am working Wednesday, but I think I’ll share a portion of my tips that night. What a shitty thing to happen to someone trying to do that right thing.

    It makes me nervous to think about intervening in this kind of situation. At best people are unpredictable, and at worst they’re crazy.

  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Boone. What a horrendous experience to endure.

  • Wow, you stab someone 6 times and all you get charged with is assault? I’m obviously no legal expert but at what point does this become attempted murder? We need to get tougher on crime in this city if anything is going to change.

    • I did a court search here.

      It looks like he was actually charged with Assault with Intent to Kill While Armed and is being held without bond. That’s actually a serious charge, if I’m reading this chart right.

      I’m not a lawyer, though, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

    • jim_ed

      Seriously. Perhaps someone from the PoPville legal community can chime in, but I feel like this is going to land the guy a whopping 3-5 years in the pokey at most. How would attempted murder not stand here?

      Until dudes like this start getting 25+ years, our city will never be as safe as it should be.

      • He was charged with assault with intent to kill (i.e. attempted murder), which by itself carries a minimum 2, maximum 15 year term. However, he was armed, so his maximum is 30 years, assuming he has no record of violent crime. Assuming he has such a record, there is a 5 year, rather than a 2 year mandatory minimum. So his sentencing range is, most likely 5-30 years. What the sentencing structure calls for in his case, is a different question.

        • jim_ed

          Thanks for the clarification. Looking at his court record, he’s been charged with 10+ felonies in the past. Is there any kind of habitual defender law that can escalate this even further than the 5 years?

    • I guess my comment got eaten, but according to my amateur sleuthing on the DC courts site, he was actually charged with Assault with Intent to Kill While Armed, and held without bail.

      That’s actually a really serious charge.

      • Glad to hear they’re actually charging him with that. Hope he gets what he deserves. And hope the good Samaritan has a speedy recovery.

  • prayers with ya boone

  • Best to you Booner. You’re my favorite tender of the bar.

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