Full Menu of ‘The Pig’ Coming to Logan Circle

1320 14th St, NW

A couple of weeks ago we learned a bit about The Pig’s menu coming to 1320 14th St, NW in Logan Circle May 14th. I see now that the full menu is posted on the storefront. There was a bit of a glare but I think you can still see:

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  • I looooove cauliflower

  • The fact that they denote vegetarian and vegan items on their menu is kind of laughable, given the circumstances

  • Most of it looks reasonably priced for that part of 14th St. I’m pleasantly surprised! Plus, lamb manti… I’m totally into that…

  • Looks pretty awesome but I’m mystified by their incorporation of brains into porchetta–I and others I know already love porchetta and this non-traditional (as far as I know) addition makes me less inclined to chose it, not so much because I fear or hate the taste of brains, but because it smacks of tarting up something already wonderful. But maybe brains is old-school and I’m just pig-norant.

    • I think the point of the restaurant is using the whole pig, hence they use the brains too. Sounds disgusting, IMHO.

    • No, you’re spot-on as far as I’m concerned – traditional porchetta is brilliant as is; why mess with perfection just to “art things up.”

  • I’ll give it a chance! I like the concept of using the whole pig even if I might be bothered by it on a more visceral level.

  • Love porchetta, but leave the brains out, please!!!!!!!
    For porchetta lovers, try it at the rotisserie next door and part of It’s About Time restaurant on the main shopping street in Culpeper, VA. Sometimes it’s porchetta, other times spring lamb. Dellish! Great owners and staff and great food and drinks. A real gem of a place.

  • Sounds interesting and creative, look forward to trying it. And glad to see the prices are reasonable.

  • Awful. Pigs are intelligent animals. Watch Babe.

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