Frightening Dog Attack on the 1100 Block of 8th St, NE

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From the MPD-1D listserv:

I wanted to pass this message along not only in my capacity as PSA 104 Citizen Co-Coordinator, but also as a concerned neighbor. Tonight, my wife and I were walking with our 9-month-old son and our dog. As we rounded the corner on 8th St NE, at 8th and L, we were immediately spotted by an extremely large dog who then charged us from nearly 10 houses away. This and another dog were off leash, sitting on the porch of a house in the middle of the 1100 block of 8th St NE. The dog was white in color, probably 120 pound American Bulldog (it made our St. Bernard mix look small). Fortunately, after kicking, screaming, and (stupidly) pulling the dog off of our dog, we were able to escape the situation. A number of neighbors and passersby also rushed to assist.

It was brought to my attention by responding MPD officers that this is not an isolated incident for this address. The owners of these dogs have been cited multiple times, but unfortunately the dogs are still there (perhaps more unfortunate that the owners are still there).

So, my messages are to 1) avoid this block if you are walking your dogs or children; and 2) if you experience anything remotely like this incident, please call 911, regardless of whether you or your dog were hurt. In this case, it is very important that there are multiple incidents on file in trying to deal with a problem property and irresponsible pet owners.

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  • Doesn’t DC have a vicious dog law? In other places I’ve lived if a dog bites a human or fights with another dog more than once, it gets impounded and put down.

    • Not sure. My dog was nearly killed by a pitbull not on its leash in the U Street area. The hospital had to report it and I got a visit and several calls from animal control. The offending dog is still with us.

  • Glad to hear it ended ok (at least it sounds that way).

    If your dog is ever attacked, pull the aggressor off your dog by the hind legs. At the dog parks I always see people grabbing at collars, which will only get you a puncture wound. grab the back legs and pull, even walk backwards, then the dog can’t bit you. I’ve done it countless times (once worked in a dog-daycare) and have never been bitten, even when the dogs have tried.

  • Dog owners of DC: Put your damn dogs on a leash. Seriously. I see more dogs off leash than on in the city.

    I was dog ambivalent before I came to DC– I now actively dislike these nonstop barking, pooping, peeing, jumping on me, charging me, slobbering on me public menaces.

    Actually, I take that back. It’s mostly the dog owners I don’t like.

  • Maybe petition the mayor to have the dog declared dangerous:

    • I think the Mayor is currently busy trying not to be criminally charged.

    • The dog may not be dangerous…it didn’t sound like it did any harm. Placing the blame on the dog isn’t fare. Even Michael Vick’s dogs went on to live happy lives (at least the ones that weren’t put down by a judge). Have the dog taken away from the owners, but don’t brand it dangerous.

  • Hope the OP’s dog is okay. Thanks for the warning… scary stuff. People are ridiculous.

  • Glad no one was injured. Sad to say that the animals pay the price for the stupid owners.
    A destroyed dog does little to make them smarter. After what happened to those kids and man in SE the other month – I can’t believe the MPD would not solve this problem.

  • My dog (German Shepherd Mix) was bitten by a Golden Retriever about a month ago in NW DC. It was sitting (off leash) on a front porch with it’s owner all the way across the street, and I was walking my dog. Dumb owners are to blame, the dog’s breed doesn’t matter… People need to understand that not all dogs are “dog park” dogs, it could end up being a child walking down the road that your dog bites… DC council needs to get off it’s a** and make laws against these irresponsible dog owners. Living in the city is too close to allow dogs to be outside unsupervised without a leash.

  • lordscarlet

    I share an alley with these dogs (there are actually three very large dogs at this home, presuming I am correct about which dogs they were). I have heard stories of problems between those dogs and other dogs. They seem to live outside and bark through most of the night.

    • If the dogs are being kept outside 24/7 and in inhumane conditions, you can call the Humane Society to report animal abuse, and I believe have them taken away from the owners.

      • I tried that with my neighbor’s dog in Eckington that lived outside and barked all the time. The Humane Society came and checked it out, but said they met the “bare minimum requirements,” so they couldn’t do anything. And the bare minimum requirements are pretty damn minimum.

      • lordscarlet

        I don’t know that they are doing anything illegal. The dogs certainly look rather healthy, and as matt said, I don’t think having them spend the majority of their time in the back yard is strictly illegal.

  • I get so nervous about this stuff with my little dog. My grandma’s dog was attacked by a rottweiler about 10 years ago and died soon after from her injuries and it was so heartbreaking. I usually take her to areas where it’s less likely that vicious dogs will be walking around (like around the mall or over to Gtown). Luckily I have a nice little backyard for her so I don’t have to risk her being out in the neighborhood late at night for her bathroom break.

  • Wow. As an owner of a smaller dog who is often caught in the sights of larger dogs, this frightens me. Fortunately most of the dogs we encounter are on leashes and conflict is more easily avoided.

    Kind of off topic, but I’d like to add another point to the thread: children who are not told that it isn’t OK to touch a strange dog. My dachshund is low to the ground, and admittedly cute (and always on a leash!), which often leads toddlers to want to chase him and grab him. This happens often on the sidewalk, in the park, etc. I implore parents to teach their kids to ask permission before touching a dog they don’t know. So many times, my dog has been scared by little kids chasing him from behind and grabbing his tail. Sometimes I don’t even know there is a child chasing him until he starts to run. When dogs feel threatened, they may bite–parents need to know this and stop their kids from running up to strange dogs. Recently my dog came very close to biting a child who couldn’t have been more than 2 years old who was running after him and screaming. I would hate for any child to get into a situation with mine or any other dog that would cause them harm. In this case, the parents were so far behind us, just watching their child run after my dog and not doing anything. It made me angry. Dogs are animals and animals need to be approached properly.

    • ledroittiger

      I’ve been seeing a couple try to “socialize” their toddler at the Bundy dog run amidst packs of 10 large dogs, including my own. I appreciate the fact that they want him to be good around dogs (they have two of their own), but I think it’s pretty dangerous for them to be teaching him around strangers that they have no experience. I can only assume that they won’t sue me when my pup knocks him down or bites him. I feel bad for the kid…

      • That is reckless parenting. What is wrong with some people?

      • That seems completely insane.

        “Sure honey, let’s have junior run loose among 10 different dogs he’s never met and we’ve never observed before. What could go wrong with that…..”

      • i think i know exactly who you are talking about. i was picking up after my dog and the comment from the parent to the toddler was: see, if you have a dog, you have to do disgusting things like pick up after it.

        my dog is good with kids on leash and in the house, but he gets around other dogs in a dog park setting, he loves to run and play and will have no regard for kids through no fault of his own.

        i can totally see a dog knocking the kid over, the kid cracking its head open on the cement curb, and the dog owner getting hit with a lawsuit. awesome.

      • When they aren’t paying attention, someone should grab their kid out of the dog pack. When they ask if anyone saw what happened, you can say “Maybe the dingo ate your baby!”

  • Someone ought to just go over to that black with a couple nice juicy t-bone steaks laced with tranquilizers, wait till the pups fall asleep, load them in the back of the car, and then drive two hours in any direction and drop them off at an animal shelter for them to be re-homed. I doubt an owner like that would even look for them.

  • Why not file a civil suit against the owners or better yet the owner of the property if they are renters.

  • You should go and find the owner and warn them, or if you have any stones and the dog attacks again- put it down yourself.
    These dogs cannot be trusted. They will attack again. The next time may be someone or something you care about.

  • Last summer, in Bloomingdale, my two cocker spaniels were mauled by two dogs in my neighborhood as my dog walker passed by the front of their house. One of my dogs was nearly killed, and required more than $600 in emergency vet treatment. My walked was also injured and bitten repeatedly trying to save my dogs. The police and animal control came but the dogs were not removed from the property, the owner was not cited, and the dogs were simply quarantined. I was shocked at the lack of response, especially given that the two attacking dogs were neither licensed nor vaccinated against rabies.

    Animal control eventually determined that these two dogs were a risk, and returned to the property, only to find the main aggressor in the attack had been moved in violation of the quarantine citation. The second dog was picked up and eventually destroyed. However, the whereabouts of the main aggressor remains unknown.

    DC City Council needs to address this issue and put some teeth behind their laws so we can feel safe walking the streets.

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