Free Slurpee Alert – Today from 11:00am to 7:00pm

From a press release:

7-Eleven is kicking-off summer with the introduction of Slurpee Lite, a new sugar-free category that contains 50% fewer calories than an 8 ounce Fanta Wild Cherry Slurpee drink – but with the same great taste! This launch marks the first time in 45 years (the life of Slurpee!) that 7-Eleven has expanded the Slurpee brand to include a sugar-free option on a national level. Flavored by Fanta, the new Slurpee Lite drinks are available exclusively at 7-Eleven stores and only contain 20 calories in 8 ounces.

In addition, 7-Eleven is celebrating the launch of Slurpee Lite (and kicking-off summer) with SlurpFREE Day. On May 23, guests from coast to coast are invited to flavor their summer by visiting participating 7-Eleven stores from 11:00am to 7:00pm to slurp down a FREE 7.11 ounce Slurpee drink.

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  • mtpgal

    Oh Slurpee, how I miss you. Is there anything more delicious and refreshing in the summer? Slurpee is to MtP Gal as inappropriate comments are to Marion Barry.

  • Who drinks an 8-ounce Slurpee? Anything smaller than 22oz is laughable.

  • This week’s sign of the Apocalypse – a “Lite” Slurpee.
    Actually, it won’t have the “same great taste” as a Slurpee (assuming one thinks Slurpees taste great – I know you do MtP Gal 🙂 ). It will taste like a Slurpee with fake sugar.

  • If I was prick, I’d fax every DCPS this info…..

  • Please be sure to throw your Slurpee cup along with a Popeye’s bag into a treebox when you’re done with it.

  • Anyone try one of these yet? I was wondering if it would be a madhouse.

  • I nourished a fetus on a steady, generous diet of slurpees (coke flavor). Hey, it was August in DC, and I was 17 months pregnant. I used to send my husband out on slurpee runs, leave the office twice a day, the whole addict thing. Nothing has ever been so satisfying. They’re still good, of course, but not like they were in the summer of ’07.

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