Four Fields (4Ps) in Cleveland Park to be Replaced by an Upscale Irish Pub from McFadden’s

3412 Connecticut Ave, NW

Yesterday we learned that Four Fields (formerly 4Ps) will be closing on June 23rd in Cleveland Park. A reader writes in with a bit more info:

“They are not planning on opening a McFadden’s in the location but rather a more upscale Irish Pub concept that they run in New York.”

The reader doesn’t think this will be a lightning fast turnaround so it could be many months before they open. In the meantime you still have over a month to reminisce at Four Fields located at 3412 Connecticut Ave, NW.

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  • “upscale Irish Pub concept”

    Finally, a place where I can get a Guinness poured in a martini glass.

  • All the bars they run that I’m aware of are pretty much just like McFadden’s.

  • Upscale and McFadden’s don’t belong in the same sentence. It will be a shitty spot, and the neighborhood will hate it.

    • I already do. I have a really hard time believing McFaddens can do upscale.

      Also…wasn’t Four Ps already the “upscale” of the Cleveland PArk Irisih pup pair?

  • Note for restauranteurs: “Salt of the Earth” is not a $27 small plate.

    Upscale and Irish = Oxymoron.

  • More NFL watching space in CP would be an easy way to win my heart. Also, cheap drinks.

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