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Wanted to send you an update on the little dog who we found on our front porch last week.

We put up signs around the neighborhood, including a lot around the places people thought they had seen her, and posted a notice on Craigslist and a couple of blogs. No one has contacted us, and we did not find her on any lost-dog listings. We haven’t seen any signs looking for her.

We took her to the vet. They said she was 1-3 years old, slightly underweight but otherwise seems healthy. She is unspayed.

She spent the first day under the bed and growling, but has warmed up to us a lot since then. She’s very sweet and non-aggressive. She is not housetrained, so we’re working on that. She also had obviously never been groomed; her hair was very long and very matted and dirty. We took her to the groomer — it was a bit tough, but she got through it and I think she feels good with her new hairdo.

At this point, pending peace negotiations with the cats, we are planning to keep her. Depending on how things go, she may become the Annie’s Ace Hardware store dog!

New haircut:

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  • burritosinstereo

    Glad this story has a happy ending! I still think she looks so adorable in that first photo, even though she’s probably really scared and trying to be tough.

  • Props to you for taking care of her so well!

  • Such great news! Thanks for the update, and for giving a good home to this little girl.

  • Looks like Snowy from Tintin in the new haircut, I think. Very fashionable.

  • Another classy act from Annie.

  • So sweet! Looks like she has really made herself at home. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of her and I do hope she has found her forever home with you! (the cats will get over it…)

  • bfinpetworth

    So glad to hear she is safe and in a good home. She looks an awful lot like one of my Havanese that we bring into Annie’s now and then. Maybe they can have a playdate!

  • This post has made my day. What a lucky little dog to have found such wonderful parents as you.

  • God bless you! I love hearing stories like this

  • I hope the kitties accept their new family member – what a cute dog. I’m happy for happy endings!

  • What kind, good people you are for taking in this pup. People like you help negate some of the many less pleasant things about living in DC. Thank you.

  • Good for you! And congrats on getting such a beautiful dog!

  • This is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your story. Keep us updated! 🙂

  • Please double check with the Washington Humane Society to see that no one has been there looking for the pup. My biggest fear is that my dog goes missing and the people decide to keep her (though she is chipped). I know you checked for a chip, but just to be sure that no one is looking for her…

  • What a great post! Thanks for the update and for being such loving people to a scared dog. Props to you!

  • Good for you for taking her in. What a lucky pup!

  • I love her new haircut and hope to see her at Annie’s!

  • I look forward to (hopefully) meeting her at Annie’s!

  • Thanks for the update and great news – I’ve been checking in to see what happened. And thanks for taking such good care – looks like you have a sweet new buddy!

  • lucky dog. good people. great day.

  • There was an elderly guy who lived on the south side of New Hampshire between 4th and Buchanan (about 3 or 4 doors down from Buchanan) that had a dog like that who sometimes snuck out the door if he was moving slowly. I haven’t seen him or the dog for a while and I am out of town so can’t go over and check on him.

  • The little girl looks very similar to a pup that playfully darted out of some bushes while running a few times in that area. I actually went looking for the dog myself, but was unable to find her again. She might have been wandering for the last couple months. Or, I may be crazy. Either way, good for you for taking her in!

  • Thanks for the kind words, everyone. She is a very good little pup! We did try to find her owner, had her checked for a microchip, checked listings … given her condition we feel like she may have been out for a while — or maybe was with someone who wasn’t able to give her the kind of attention (veterinary, housetraining, grooming) that she needs. Cat peace negotiations proceed, and we’re getting her into a good daily routine. We’ll keep PoP updated!

  • Does she have a name yet? I say; name contest on PoP!!!!!

  • Good for you! She looks great!! 🙂

  • We have named her Ursula, which means “little female bear” in Latin. It makes more sense if you look at the pre-haircut photo!

  • i love this. such a happy ending.

  • Thanks so much for the update. Based on your descriptions, if she DID have a home before – and I doubt that – it wasn’t a good one. She’s much luckier now.

  • I would just flag that the elderly person in my part of Petworth would be unlikely to check blogs and Craigslist for a lost dog, nor likely to see signs near where you found the dog. I appreciate what you are doing for the dog, but I do think it’s premature to say “case closed, dog is mine.” I won’t be back for a few more days, so you may want to post a few signs about the dog on New Hampshire between 4th and Buchanan to see if you get a response. If the guy has lost this dog, it should be the decision of the Humane Society or DC Animal Control as to whether or not the dog should be returned to him, not people on this listserve.

  • 1) If I show up on your porch can I get a bath and fresh cut?!?!?!

    2) On a more serious note, the dog looks a bit like the dog of the old guy who wanders around Woodley, a bit deranged, yelling at people as he shuffles along with his dog. He wears funny shirts, like “I’m cuter than my dog” etc. Not sure, and really don’t care, as I worry for the dog in general. Just an observation. His dog always looks a bit worse for wear, similar to the owner.

    • Yes, and then I would want to know where your mother is. And we are not even close to Woodley, so not sure why you’re bringing that guy up. Every neighborhood has its eccentrics, and its crazies. Some should not have pets, and some pets keep their eccentrics sane, relatively speaking. It’s not for this listserve to figure that out. That’s why when you find a lost animal you should alert all of the city and nonprofit authorities. You cannot expect everyone in this neighborhood to have access or to be following the internet to find their lost pets. Like I said, I would go over and check on my neighbor if I were in town. Would love for some concerned PoP to run over to the New Hampshire block between 4th and Buchanan and do a little door-to-door recon.

  • This great story should be on the end of the evening news one night. It restores my faith in the citizens of DC! Well done.

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