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  • This was an enormous complex. The large swath of land now occupied by the embassies, UDC and Intelsat was once the Bureau of Standards and a power plant.

    I grew up right near the Bureau and a few times my friends and I mustered up the courage to venture in. The entire complex had been abandoned for many years and the buildings were decrepit. It was super creepy but you could do whatever you wanted. A friend of mine once took home a bunch of lab chemicals and used them to make home made bombs that we’d detonate in the alley for entertainment. We once threw a metal desks out 4-story window. Ah what innocent childhood fun!

    We never stayed long becuase we’d invariably run into a security guard or a homeless person. To us kids, both looked like monsters and would send us sprinting home.

  • austindc

    Woah, slow down. We used to have standards?

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