Fed Ex Van Smashes Into Parked Car 2 Go Smart Car

Thanks to Nestor for sending. He says the Car 2 Go car was parked at 26th St, NW between Pennsylvania Ave, NW and M Street.

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  • Exterior Cleanliness 🙁

  • Was it parked perpendicularly?

    • Was thinking the same thing. Doesn’t look it was, though.

      “Special delivery – six hours’ worth of paperwork and phone conversations with your insurance company!”

  • FedEx mishandles another box, sadly this time it was a tree box.

  • Doesn’t it look like the Car2Go must have been up on the curb already? Like the red car parked behind the FedEx truck.

    • if i were reconstructing the accident, i would say it’s far more likely that neither were parked on the curb, and that the fedex truck clipped the red car while ramming the smartcar up onto the sidewalk.

  • Car 2 Smash

  • Tree 1, Car2Go 0

  • Call this Schadenfreude if you want to, but this picture makes me smile. I can’t stand those annoying tiny cars!

  • Actually what happen was the tie- rod on the FedeX Truck broke on the rightside which caused the vehicle to side swipe two cars

    • ah

      Well, at least this is a believable excuse. As obnoxious as Fed Ex drivers’ parking is, they’re usually not terrible drivers (compare Metrobus).

      • I agree….UPS and FEDEX win the prize for a$$hole parking (e.g., blocking rush hour lanes, blocking the access lanes on K Street, etc.), but the various bus services (esp, the tourist trolleys, double-deckers, and the Loudon County commuter lines) are the worst for moving violations.

        And there’s a special place in Hell for SuperShuttle drivers…they are SuperShitty!!!

  • brookland_rez

    Fedex wanted to make sure the package got there on time, little city cars be damned!

  • don’t know why, but this makes me laugh.

  • I hope no clowns were hurt in this accident.

  • Those little cars are f-in awesome, I use them all the time now. It’s good for when you miss your bus and want to get somewhere fast, and they cost about half what a cab ride would ($6 instead of 12). Even if I used one to get home every weekday all month, it would still be cheaper than buying a car. Good for racing home to the cute little kids that are climbing all over poor hubbie.

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