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  • Meh. Just another AdMo bar with chicks doing the cat daddy.

  • Allison

    Had a friend get a credit card stolen from an inattentive bar tender there once.

  • Er, is that supposed to read $1.50 Bud Lights? Or are they really $15?

  • God, I hate this bar.

  • Another shining example of why the liquor license ceiling in Adams Morgan needs to end. There is no competition in this neighborhood. If we want to keep the hardware store on 18th street alive, we should just give them a waiver.

    • Yes. It is ridiculous that there is a liquor license ceiling in Adams Morgan. The people who oppose any new liquor licenses in Adams Morgan want the neighborhood to go back in time to when it was an entirely different neighborhood.

      • No, people who are for moratoriums want to limit the number of bars in the area.

        I am not sure what I think about moratoriums, as in principle they may make sense.. but in practice, do they actually do what they are supposed to do (limit the number of bars). Adams Morgan was saturated with bars a long time ago.. but there were not as many H&H style bars in the 90’s. I am also not sure what I think about liquor licensing (should it stay with a building, stay with the licensee or for the licensee/building combined)… but the idea that an area doesn’t need 476 bars in a 4 block stretch it not an a bad one.

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