Eastern Empire Chinese Take Out Closes in Columbia Heights

3018 14th St, NW

Thanks to a reader for the heads up on the closure of Eastern Empire Chinese take out located at 3018 14th St, NW (south of Irving.) The folks inside taking down the fixtures didn’t know who would be moving in. First Yum’s and now this…

Were there any fans of Eastern Empire?

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  • Egads! Where will the denizens of Columbia Heights go now for sub-par, sugary, deep fried slop masquerading as Chinese food? Oh, that’s right.. the other 45,000 chinese take-outs in a 10 block radius.

  • there were none who have ever been on this site no.

  • A few less chicken bones on 14th street for my dog to choke on. Hooray.

    • +1. i don’t have a dog, but i often find myself dodging the chicken bones, styrofoam containers and general food just dropped on the sidewalk from this place.

    • My dog and I have the same problem with the entire neighborhood. I swear, she can smell the smallest wing bone from half a block away.

      • i can understand your dog wanting to eat the chicken bone, but you have the same problem?

    • But I’m still subject to smelling your nasty dog and watching him poop in public places? Different strokes…

  • Please have been complaining about this place for ages.

  • Success. Now about those nurses.

  • I’ve lived less than 2 blocks from this place for almost 8 years, and I’ve never set foot in it. I’d rather eat at Panda Express (think about THAT for a second).

    Now if we can only get rid of the 7-11, we might really make some progress re the loitering on that block.

    • Or God forbid, DC enact an Anti-loitering law!

    • u have to move the projects if you want to the loitering to stop!

    • How can you hate a place you’ve never been to? Their food was cheap, their kitchen was clean, their staff was fast and friendly. This is a loss for the neighborhood. Even the most gentrified areas have take out Chinese places, and Eastern was a pretty good one. I think the bigger problem in our neighborhood are the timid judgmental folks who will only eat at chain restaurants. it discourages mom&pop business development.

  • +2, one for less sidewalk chicken bones and another for less styrofoam containers everywhere.

    Even though I will not miss this place, I am surprised that it closed down. It was always busy in the evenings.

    • Allison

      In their defense (not that they need to be defended for the actions of others) I don’t believe either most of the styrofoam or chicken bones are from this place. Eastern empire uses plastic takeout containers, not styrofoam. I think the chicken bones come from the wings sold at 7-11; I thought most of the chicken dishes sold at Eastern Empire were boneless.

  • I lived around the corner this place for several years and went often. Sure it was shabby, but the food was quite good and the staff was very friendly. From the cringe-worthy comments below, it sounds like folks objected more to the crowd it drew than the food it served. I, for one, will miss it.

    • Thinly veiled transplant racism toward the original local populace on PoP? Perish the thought!

      • To the extent the original local populace is throwing chicken bones and styrofoam cups onto the public walkway, the animosity is deserved. Perish the thought!!

      • Wait so being critical of littering is racism now, albeit thinly veiled???

        So a trashy street with the original populace is a desired trait in a neighborhood

  • I used to like the Singapore Rice Noodles. Hope something better goes into that space!

  • I only recently discovered how good their wonton soup is (and yes, one would think, “how good can wonton soup really be? isnt is just chicken soup with the dumplings? arent they all they same?). Oh well…

    I do agree with the litering comments…not that I blame the restauarant.

  • does this flight of Chinese places relate in any way to Marion Barry? I’ll bet he gets on them for leaving too, if we make a stink!

    • it probably has something to do with the fact the neighborhood is changing in the lessor is raising the rent.

  • Allison

    Aw, I kinda liked their orange chicken. 🙁

    • I used to get wings and mambo sauce from there sometimes. Whatever, it was cheap, and none of the people standing outside ever bothered me.

  • I saw them dismantling the ductwork that ran from the vent hoods above the cooking equipment and up the side of the building on Monday night – I don’t know if that makes it less likely that another restaurant is moving in, or if it doesn’t affect anything at all.

  • All you snooty yuppies! It was a good place to pick up some cheap food for people in the neighborhood.

  • Its so easy to throw bombs while you hide in the shadows and behind a screen. You guys all sound so anti anything that doesnt comply to an Anglo way of life. Yeah! Lets move out all those who dont look or act like the rest of those who just arrived. Lets claim the new colony. B_st_rd_s!

    • Man that sucks. I loved there food. It was cheap and good. General Tso’s was great. Johhnys down the street is hoorid. Eastern’s may of had some shady people in there but the food was good for the money.

  • Food was awful – Zai jian!

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