Duchess and The Queen to Become a Belgian Bistro and Brew Pub

2102 18th Street, NW

Back in March 2012 I shared some scuttlebutt saying that the old Duchess and The Queen at 2102 18th Street, NW in Adams Morgan was possibly going to become a wine bar. A new liquor license posting has more details:

“The new restaurant will be a Belgium bistro, with a sidewalk Café with 12 seats, the establishment will have a seating capacity of 160, and a total occupancy load of 280. There is an entertainment endorsement. This will also include a Brew Pub.”


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  • Wow, two Belgian bars within a few hundred yards of each other.

  • Isn’t this like Belgian restaurant/cafe L’enfant like a 1/2 block away?

  • does anyone remember what the duchess and the queen was before? i never knew what kind of establishment it was, but always loved the name

    • That spot was completely empty for a long time….I’ve lived in Adams Morgan for 12 years, and I can remember anything being there. That’s the cursed stretch of 18th street…

      • Wasnt it a video store?

        • Wow.. I think you are right… but I really cannot recall what it was.

          Meeps used to be a small store run by hippie types back in the late 90’s…. used to get my weekend bagels from them. really nice

        • Yeah, I think you’re right. I would have forgotten but it was a small time indie-type video place. I think it closed in 2006, maybe 2007. Did anything ever open up after that or has it always been vacant since then?

          • The video store and Meeps were both in the storefront to the North of this. Meeps was a clothing store. The indie video store existed around the same time as Kaur occupied this space.

      • I thought it was a clothing store, maybe circa 2006? Or perhaps that was a figment of my imagination.

    • it was kaur, which was one of the first high-end boutique clothing stores in DC. they also had a small selection of vintage clothes in the back.

    • It used to be a high end clothing store, Kaur (upstairs). the basement was a used clothing/trash and treasures sort of store. that was in the early 2000’s.

  • Aren’t here enough Belgian bistros?

  • Not at all confident in this place given that they are apparently incapable of making the distinction between “Belgium,” the noun, and “Belgian,” the adjective.

  • A brewpub, eh? I’m intrigued.

  • Holy Belgian bistro saturation point! But I’d rather have news of something like this opening than another jumbo-slice vomitron.

  • The downstairs was a used furniture/junk store at one point but has been closed for a LONG time. Upstairs was a boutique/vintage clothing shop (the “Dutchess” part). Is the new place taking over both levels?

  • A Belgian brew pub would be tight! Any idea which DC beer folks are associated with this? There are a lot of Belgian restaurants in that stretch but none that are making their own Belgian-Style beer!

  • figby

    When did Belgian become the new “it” cuisine? I thought we were still doing farm-to-table. I know fusion and tapas are over….

  • I’m pretty skeptical that this is actually a brewpub, unless anyone can confirm otherwise. It just doesn’t seem like they’ll be brewing their own beer there.

  • saf

    Argh. People need to learn the difference between “Belgium” and “Belgian.” Also, people need to learn what does and does not get capitalized in English.

  • Oye. I am living in Brussels now. Now of the “belgian” cafes even closely approximates real belgian cafes, aside from serving belgian beer.

  • I bet this is the venture from the Brasserie Beck brewer. He’d been hunting down space for a while.

    • Nope this is not the location of Right Proper. I certainly hope it is a brewpub since I live just a couple blocks away. I wish them the best of luck!

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