Dog Found in Park View

“FOUND dog — found on Thursday, May 10, on Warder Street in Park View. No collar or tags. Seems a bit scared and frazzled. Call (202) 277-9383.”

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  • Oh you are so cute, hope you find your owner soon!

  • You’ve probably already thought of this, but you should have the dog checked for a microchip ID.

    And my partner and I agree with Amber: that doggy is adorable!

  • bfinpetworth

    Geez, that dog looks so much like one of mine that I had to go check to make sure she is in the house! Anyway, please keep us updated on the status of this cutie. I would not like to see her/him go to a shelter!

  • christanel

    Aww poor baby – it looks so scared.

  • This might be a stretch, but there’s an older guy (maybe 70s) who is often sitting outside with his dog around 1901 15th Street? He sits on the ledge there in front of those apartments — I’m not sure which one he lives in, but I’ve always assumed he lives right there. I’d SWEAR that’s the same dog. This dog doesn’t like other dogs and isn’t well socialized.

  • I saw this dog on Taylor and 8th St. around 3:00 p.m. today. I couldn’t stop and help him at the time, so I hope he finds his home.

  • burritosinstereo

    I know the poor doggie is scared but he/she looks SOOOOO CUTE with that snarl!

  • Is it a female?

    Last year I picked up an identical dog in the same area- ended up finding its owners who lived between 5th and 6th on the south side Randolph NW… wish I could remember the house #.

    • If its these people, then please knock on their door and let them know that you found the dog, but you’re not giving it back b/c they don’t know how to care for it.

  • Thanks everyone! I will check out those areas. Not sure on the gender yet — he/she is not very keen on letting me get close. Fur is very matted and full of leaf debris and paws and ears are quite dirty — not sure how long this pooch has been on the road, but seems like it might be some time. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Check with Lee’s florists on 11th and U NW, they have a lost dog poster on their window and it looks a lot like this dog.

  • Definitely see if you can take him/her to WARL or the Humane Society to get checked for a chip.

  • Hi, all, we just took her in to the vet to get scanned for a chip — unfortunately, no chip. We will take her in tomorrow to have her checked over (and see if she’s really a girl). She’s still scared, but seems a little better.

  • I hope you find the owner… (I just lost my dog)

  • Took her to the vet today — she is 1-3 years old, most likely unspayed, slightly underweight, but otherwise seems healthy. Still anxious, but much friendlier now. Not quite housetrained. In desperate need of a grooming. I’ll send PoP an update in a few days. Thanks to everyone for your good wishes for the li’l pup!

    • Just a note of thanks to Lyn for all she is doing for this cute dog. It takes money, time, patience and emotional energy. I bet this story has a happy ending thanks to you, Lyn. DC citizen of the week, you are!

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