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  • Wait, what… where’s the fish option? I was so excited but… No fish tacos!? And you call yourself a taco place.

    • Their Arlington location regularly has fish tacos on their “special” menu. I will assume this place will be similar.

      Regardless District is good. It’s nice to see local business do well.

      • To Ben,

        Thanks for the additional information, good to know. I’m actually really excited for this Taco place and hope they do really well. I do love fish tacos, so hope they will be including those at this location but I was being a tad cheeky and am glad this will be a new addition to the area.

  • I am sooooo psyched for this. Thanks for the update, Pop!!

  • Spouse has eaten at the Arlington location, and deemed it “decent.” I think that means good! I haven’t been able to get in since their parking lot’s always been food. This means District Taco for work-day lunch!!!

  • Oh praise jebus! As a former AZ and NM resident who works at 13th and Penn…finally a taqueria downtown! Muchas Gracias!

    hopefully they’ll open for breakfast and serve some chorizo breakfast burritos.

  • Great photo and District Taco won’t be too far from my office – yay!

  • Anyone know if this location will actually be open on the weekends? I commute once or twice every month to the one in Arlington for weekend breakfast/lunch, and it’s obviously worth the drive…but it will be nice to have this option closer!

    • I don’t know for sure but I would say good chance. I’ve noticed that some of the chains that have outposts in other areas of the city as well as downtown/PQ/Chinatown area, the ones downtown tend to be open, as tourists/visitors frequent the area on the weekends, whereas the other locations for said chains are not open because those areas tend to be quiet on the weekends (office buildings tend to not be busy).

  • Can’t wait. Right across the street from the office.

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