Did Your Bike Get Stolen Last Night? A Reader Has It

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Dear PoPville,

Last night around 8:45, our tenant encountered two teenagers in our backyard who had jumped the sideyard fence, and hoisted a stolen bicycle over it. When our tenant called up to us to come out, the guys jumped the back fence and took off, sans their ill-gotten bike—which they abandoned in our back yard.

If any of your readers had a bike stolen on Hobart Street (or in the vicinity) in Mount Pleasant this Monday night, we’d be happy to give it back to them.

If you think it is yours please email [email protected]

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  • good for you and your tenants for dealing with this! I’d suggest contacting the police if you haven’t already, in case the person filed a report of the theft (that could also help you deal with people who ‘claim’ to have had a bike stolen). If you’re on your district’s MPD listserv you could also post it there.

  • A question for the commenters – why would thieves take a stolen bike into another yard? Maybe they planned to commit other crimes and wanted to leave the bike as a getaway option?

    • Most likely they grew to believe that the bike was good luck and wanted to bring it with them to the next thing. It’s not an uncommon practice, particularly amongst superstitious people. I used to collect coins and I don’t anymore (I sold and gave all the coins away about 15 years ago) but I still carry one coin with me everywhere, in my wallet. Bad fortune never finds me and in a way the lucky bike helped these guys too because they managed to get away without being arrested. Look up ‘superstition’ in the dictionary.

    • Sounds to me like they were trying to get to the alleyway… they stole it on that block, and were cutting through a yard to get out of view, and got caught between fences.

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