Dear PoPville – Where Do Thieves Sell Stolen Bike Parts Besides Craigslist?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Christopher Michael Poole

Dear PoPville,

I had my front Shimano WH-R550 rim stolen off my road bike yesterday in broad daylight from right next to the patio at Alero on U st. These things are not cheap and I was wondering if you or anyone knows where these things end up? I figure the thief would try to sell it ASAP, but I cant see anything on cragslist or ebay yet… Is there a flea market somewhere that I might have a chance of at least buying it back??

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  • Honestly they will do it anywhere. I saw a couple teenagers selling 4, what I presume stolen, bikes to an older man at a gas station on Rhode Island Ave NE. Its an unfortunate occurance in this city that only gives me one more reason to drive instead of bike. Sorry for your loss.

    • You drive because bikes get stolen?

      By your logic, you should be on public transport, because cars get stolen too.

      And bikes (and cars) get stolen in every city on earth, nso it is an unfortunate occurrence, not just for “this city”.

    • You should drive because it’s more comfortable.

  • My husband found his stolen bike on Craigslist seven weeks after it was stolen. So keep an eye out.

  • On a related note, I saw someone off of 14th this morning riding a bicycle and holding another. I was trying to think of why someone would be doing this, other than having just stolen it. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions.

    • I’ve done that for legitimate reasons, but Ive also been pulled over by the cops for doing that for legitimate reasons.

      • did that all the time in vietnam. it was the best way to get your bike to the shop if it weren’t close by, just borrow a friend’s bike and ride over there.

  • I found my stolen bike at L&N thrift store on Georgia Ave at one point. that was fun.

  • First, let me say that I think it sucks that your bike wheel was stolen. As somebody who has been the victim of a burglary, I know how shitty it feels.

    But, as you have probably read many times on this blog, if you don’t want something stolen from your bike, either lock it up or take it with you. This isn’t victim blaming. Looks like you’re out about $150. Sorry man.

    I would contact the supplier of your Shimano rims and order another one. If you happen to find the stolen rim, you’ll have a spare in case one becomes damaged.

  • My bike was stolen from that part of U St. Saturday between 4:40-6:40 PM. Locked to a meter with a u-lock.

    • I’m curious about how it was stolen. Was the lock broken? Did you secure the back tire and frame with the U lock?

  • I don’t know if it is true or not but someone told me that the flea market on U Street – across from Nellie’s – is worth checking out for items stolen in the neighborhood.

    • This is def. true. Including bikes.

      But call the cops if you find it there, don’t confront anyone.

    • claire

      Yep, have definitely seen some probably-stolen bikes there. Was walking by once, and one of the guys peddling bikes (right outside the actual fenced in flea market) asked, “Hey, you want one of those no-gear bikes?”

    • when is it?

  • The flee market that used to (still is?) on Sherman always has a ton of really nice bikes and bike parts that the woman is willing to part with for pennies…try there.

    • What is the cross street for this flea market? I’m not familiar with this one…

    • This flea market also has guys who come in with a truck with several bikes every week. They talk about having fixed them up but can never explain where they came from in the first place. The quality and type of components doesn’t always match very well, so I’m thinking they may be a mishmash of stolen parts. Don’t know the cross street, but it is on Sherman, slightly south of where the McDonald’s is on Georgia.

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