Dear PoPville – How Do I Get My DC inspection, zoning and registration stickers replaced?

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Dear PoPville,

I need to get my windshield replaced, but want to be prepared since I will need to replace my DC inspection sticker and the registration and zoning sticker.

I started to look it up sticker replacement on the dmv web site but did not get far.

Anyone have any tips?

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  • For the inspection sticker, just go down to the Half Street inspection station and tell them what happened. I think there is a small replacement fee, but they will issue a new sticker. If you have documentation of registration, etc., bring that along.

    Not sure about the registration/zone sticker — did you save the old one?

  • Having had the pleasure of 2 broken windshields in the past 3 years, I can tell you that your windshield guy will switch them to the new one. When my wife asked the dude about the stickers, he just laughed and said, “Yeah, I’ll get ’em. I do this all day, every day.” Ours have peeled a little bit around the edges – esp. in the summer heat – but they’ve stayed put.

    • Agreed. When I had to get my windshield replaced, the guy doing the work carefully removed them and reapplied them to the new glass.

  • Ahhh. This is a good question for me too. My girlfriend paid her registration but the stickers got lost in the mail. She hasn’t made a lot of headway in getting a replacement so far (and yes she printed out the temp one but that is expired now too).

    So although Tim has said that it is easy to move an existing sticker over to a new windshield, what if you really have to have a new sticker?

  • Go online and request a replacement registration from DCDMV. It’s a $20 fee–they’ll send a new card and sticker. I’d do this if the glass replacement guy can’t save your sticker. Good luck!

  • From what I recall when I was in the same situation, the registration sticker can be moved (and the windshield replacement guy should do that), but if you try to move the inspection sticker there’s a watermark or something that shows up across it. You have to get a new inspection sticker at the Half Street inspection station, but it’s really easy. You just pull up to the front and tell them why you’re there and they’ll take care of it.

  • useful info!

    A strange pet peeve of mine is seeing cars with 2 or 3 registration stickers (from previous years) on the windshield. Really? It’s that hard to go to ACE hardware and buy a 99cent scraper??!! /end rant

  • I went through the exact same problem. The glass company should be able to peel them off safely before removing the windshield, then I just scotch taped them back on! It was easier than dealing with the DMV again..

  • Thanks for the replies everyone. I clicked on the link and see that I could have answered my own question with a little more investigation. Thanks though – for the helpful replies.
    If any of you want to recommend a place that replaces windshields – it can’t hurt to ask. I might just go with AAA and ask them to come to ME at my office. I am not sure how much more that would cost than dropping it off at a shop .. but that is something I can look into myself.

    • I would totally recommend Safelite. I have had both a new windsheild (replaced on the street in front of my house) and two cracks repaired (the latter was in Moorehead, MN) in two different cars and had great experiences. They are national and used to dealing with the insurance companies. The first repair cost me $50 or $100 (it was 10 years ago) and the second was free.

  • Sort of off topic, but I just moved and had my RPP replaced, while waiting for it to be sent (they wouldn’t mail it until the start date of my new lease) I received multiple parking tickets, has anyone had any luck contesting tickets in this situation?

    • There’s no way that practice isn’t built in for just such a reason. Whoever decided to balance the DC books through parking fees and tickets deserves to get runover by a street cleaner. Damn! Reminds me…I have to move my car before tomorrow morning so they can pretend to clean my street.

      • I doubt you meant this with the intent to be funny – but it sounds as if it were written from someone who might have gotten a few too many tickets in the day. This might have worked in the Rant section, too. On a serious note, I think you are right – parking fees/parking violations are one of the city’s strongest or healthiest sources for generating income for the city.

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