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  • what kinda music were they dancing to?

    • We were dancing to blues, mostly. A couple of swing songs, one lindy-hop, and some blues-danceable pop and rock music. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” is wonderful to dance blues to, as it turns out.

    • Some were traditionals “Wade in the Water.” Others were from New Orleans, “Last Chance to Dance.” But kinda like all music, rooted in the blues. And what a special day it was for anyone who dipped their toes, partners, or whole selves right into the fountain. Thanks for posting Prince of Petworth…!

  • I wish them all a speedy recovery from the plague.

  • Not that it wasn’t terribly hot this weekend, but that thermometer at the Suntrust in Dupont is always wrong. It tends to run hot.

    • Probably because the temperature sensor is in the sun, and the official temperature is taken reading the ambient air. But walking around with the sun beating on you, it probably feels a lot closer to 97 than the high 80’s official temp.

  • Emmaleigh504

    There should have been fewer clothes. What’s the point of dancing in (nasty) refreshing water if you have all your clothes on?

  • These are the same folks who swim in the Potomac… this is nasty y’all….

  • I’m surprised the park police didn’t arrest the whole lot.

    I mean, you can dance in Sammy D.’s fountain but not at Tommy J.’s? If it were up to the Eisenhower kin they’d all be put on the no-fly list ASAP.

    • Maybe a group of teens would be arrested if engaged in the same behavior but teens are at least bright enough not to dance in that gross water.

  • Speaking of dirty water has there ever been any thought to adding some ground fountains in the city that spray a mist (I’m thinking like the Fountain of Rings in Centennial Park in Atlanta except with a cooling mist)? That way even grown people on their lunch break might enjoy it. Dupont Circle would be a great place for one as would Freedom Plaza and maybe a couple of locations on the Mall. I’m sure the broad-minded folks at the NPS wouldn’t mind. 😉

  • The only thing worse than a hipster is a wet hipster!

  • This thread would be 100 comments if those were teenagers from a housing project dancing in that fountain.

  • There are fountains, waterfall and wading pool at “The Yards” park where you can legally “dance”. I’m sure it is chemically treated too. It’s in SE DC near the ballpark.

  • Ugh, that water is filthy. Clearly these people don’t ever get to see what happens in and around that fountain at other times of the day.

  • Well… gross water, yes. We knew, but didn’t care that much. It was too hot to dance on the sidewalk (where we had planned), so the fountain it was.

  • I don’t get it. Did someone organize this “dirty dancing” (ha ha – that’s totally what they should have called it) party? Where was the music coming from? I watched a homeless woman bathing in the fountain water yesterday. Were the people who use this as their bath water invited to participate?

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