Clover Market Closes at 5014 Connecticut Ave, NW

Dear PoPville,

Did you know that apparently Clover Market at 5014 Connecticut Ave. NW has closed . . . One of the last of the old fashioned, neighborhood grocery stores . . . I don’t know how long it was around – but I have lived in DC since 1982 and I certainly know that it was here since long before that . . .

Sad — as another, small independent goes out of business.

Clover Market was located across the street from Politics and Prose bookstore. Looks like a demo permit has been issued but it’s not clear who the new tenant will be:

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  • That place was a dump. It’s no surprise that it closed. I hope a good restaurant or bar comes in and takes it’s place. There’s definitely a demand there!

    • Is there really that big of a demand for more bars and restaurants at Conn and Nebraska? There’s Comet, Jake’s, Buck’s, P&P and some more casual places. That’s a lot more than has ever been around there.

  • this place was the crown jewel of grocery stores. i am OUTRAGED that they closed such a landmark, such a high quality LOCALLY OWNED grocery store.

  • It was kind of a dump, but the guy who ran it was nice. Hope he lands on his feet somewhere.

  • A sign early on after they closed said they were remodeling. Not sure what happened to it but I think its the same owners doing the project. Idiotic to say the place was a dump, it was there for over 50 years I think.

  • I went to elementary school right around the corner from this place. We used to go to Clover’s after school to get snacks. Sad that it’s closed.

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