Clean Teams Returning to Ward 1

From Council Member Jim Graham:

I am pleased to announce the Ward One Clean Teams will soon be back in full force in many of our neighborhoods – – covering a total 38 blocks throughout the Ward. I worked hard to get the funding back into place for this important service. I want to thank Mayor Vincent Gray, Chairman Kwame Brown, and Harold Pettigrew, Director of the Department of Small and Local Business Development for their help in re-establishing Clean Teams.

We have missed these services – – and value this work in our neighborhoods.

We are giving people a chance to rebuild their lives with jobs, while fulfilling this useful purpose. Charlie Whittaker successfully competed for this contract, and again has the supervision of this service. His able services are much appreciated.

Please look for Clean Team members in the neighborhoods below starting in the next few weeks. (Adams Morgan has had no lapse in their green team cleanups, due to a different source of funding, part private and part DC gov.)

Georgia Avenue — Georgia Avenue, NW from Irving Street, NW to New Hampshire Avenue, NW (Node 1, Pleasant Plains : Petworth, (10 linear blocks);

U Street — U Street, NW from 9th to 14th Streets; and the northside from 14th to 17th Streets, NW (6.5 linear blocks);

14th Street MidCity —14th Street, NW from S Street, NW to Florida Avenue, NW (5 linear blocks);

14th Street Columbia Heights —14th Street, NW from Columbia Road, NW to Spring Road , NW; and Park Road, NW from 14th Street, NW to Hiatt Place, NW (11 linear blocks)

11th Street —11th Street, NW from Kenyon to Monroe Streets, NW(3 linear blocks)

Mt. Pleasant— Mount Pleasant Street from 16th Street, NW to Park Road, NW (3 linear blocks)

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  • what is up with this block in the picture? there is always vagrant looking people hanging around.

    • Agreed. I think the drunks are there at least partly because of the liquor store that you can see in the background. They only seem to be there during hours when the liquor store is open. Hopefully the city also targets the source of this trash (and other public nuisances, like frequent fights, public urination, and harrassment) using public drunkenness arrests and shutting down that liquor store.

    • The area outside Petworth Liquor is disgusting and the people that hang out dump trash, piss, and harass people passing by. It amazes me that they can hang out in broad daylight EVERYDAY and drink booze openly on a busy street.

      Police seem to just let it go because 90% of the time you go by there could be an open intox ticket. I know they have big things to tackle but when you allow this type of behavior it only spreads

  • Do these clean teams scrap the black gum marks off the sidewalks too?

  • I think this is a great idea, since work is a positive in people’s lives. Hopefully, some of the teens with too much time on their hands will be a part of these teams.

    Personally, I think the key to running a successful program like this is to give each person an area that is his or hers alone. In other words, Charlie is responsible for keeping X block clean, and Mary is responsible for Y block. In this way, both Charlie and Mary know exactly what they are responsible for and can be rewarded or not based on a very specific area. If Charlie and Mary are both responsible for X and Y block, there is a chance that neither will do much cause each is concerned that they’re carrying the burden for the other.

  • m_i_z_dc

    I live on Euclid between 13th and 14th, really wish we had a clean team. Its impossible to keep our yard looking nice when people continue to throw entire Popeye’s dinner wrappers in our front yard.

    • Sorry to hear about the Popeyes wrappers in your yard…but you gotta love that chicken from Popeyes!

  • Obviously I have some wishful thinking powers I wasn’t aware of previously. Just the other day I was riding the 52 bus thinking about how dirty 14th St looks compared to other neighborhoods that have BIDs. And then this happens!

    • Why should private citizens have to organize to clean streets? Isn’t that what I paid 17,000$ in local income tax for? Where the heck is my money going? Why do I have to call 311 to “remind them” to sweep my alley and to tell trash collectors that throwing my trash cans down the alley is wrong?

      Why does DC give tickets for street cleaning days, yet no street sweepers come all day long (except in Georgetown)…

      Why have they taken away a lot of public trash cans, in order to cut budgets, but the budget money for these trash services is still being charged by the city?

      People need to be held accountable FFS.

      • wait what? you can call 311 to sweep your alley? really?
        …this changes everything!!


        • Sure, they’ll come to sweep it, but usually end up spreading broken glass, nails, and trash around so they can slash your car tires better… Your call.

      • I live in Bloomingdale. They sweep our streets every week at the designated times.

      • I was simply noting the difference in cleanliness between areas that have BIDs and those that don’t. I wasn’t suggesting that a BID was in order for 14th/MidCity, because I agree that its the city’s responsibility for this type of effort.

        When it comes down to it, though… I’m just glad it’s getting done.

  • BIDs should be formed (a joint MtP – Columbia Heights BID) and hire their own contractors to keep this clean. I’m guessing the control over cleaning crews will be better under a BID than the city (see golden triangle or Georgetown).

  • Happy to have this going on!

  • Are they just doing 14th st or side streets too? Ogden between 14th and 16th really needs some attention.

  • this is great. once the streets start looking a little cleaner that sterling chick will have one less reason to bitch and moan about the need for a liquor license moratorium. thanks, jim!

  • Okay, I’ll say it, since at least one person on here already thinks I’m a deranged lunatic.

    I don’t understand why people in public housing aren’t doing a lot of this.

    And before my fellow progressives jump down my throat, I don’t mean this as a punishment. Rather, I believe in government-supported public works projects a la Roosevelt.

    When my grandparents and others were down on their luck, they received gov’t assistance by doing public works and getting paid for them. They worked on gov’t projects, got a check from Uncle Sam, raised kids at the same time, etc. So I don’t get why the model for people in gov’t housing is different. There’s nothing wrong with picking up trash, gardening or washing windows in exchange for tax-payers assistance.

    • No kidding, with all of our DYRS wards and folks receiving subsidies for food and housing, we should have the cleanest streets on the Planet!?

    • Great & logical idea -but no way ever in a million years will it happen in DC. Just accept that and move on.

    • The Public works programs were temporary for the times (depression). they do not exist anymore.

      Many people in public housing have jobs, many of them more than one. How would we pay them to do another job?

      Oh, and lastly: free market bayyybee. Once you have a govt program running permanent job corps… you are competing with the free market, and not a capitalist in this great country will allow that to happen.

  • I wish we could get the clean teams in Ward 1. Upper 14th Street, NW is loaded with trash and litter on the street. I don’t think people in public housing is only trashing neighborhoods. You have low life uneducated people and they don’t take pride in their living surroundings. Some of it is cultural too.

    • Correction:

      I wish we could get the clean teams in Ward 4.

    • Just to clarify, I certainly did not say that the trash on the streets is coming only from people in public housing. I don’t know where you got that.

      I also don’t think the origin of the trash has anything to do with the issue of people doing some work, such as trash collection, in exchange for the public assistance they receive. If the public is paying the assistance, why not do some work that benefits the public in return?

      Work is a good thing. Anyone who has been unemployed knows that.

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