CityCenter DC Will Get a “Specialty Food Market”

Big CityCenter news from the Washington Post:

Plans call for 10,000 to 11,000 square feet of space located near the cross section of 10th and H streets NW. Riker anticipates seafood vendors as well as gourmet charcuterie merchants to create a space similar to Dean & Delucca, but on the scale of an Eastern Market.

Holy awesome!

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  • This is going to be huge for PQ/Downtown. The only thing I don’t like about it is going to be the traffic associated with it. 7th and H is already a mess with people trying to turn on/off 7th or H, after this it will be exponentially worse.

    • orderedchaos

      A reasonable concern, Kam, but one would hope most people metro/bus/bike/walk to it instead given its location. I know I will.

      • No doubt but you can bet the worst violators of trying to make the turn on and off to said streets – MD and VA drivers will not be metro/bus/bike/walk-ing.

  • Is this instead of Eataly?

    • shipsa01

      Unfortunately, yes. Though who knows – maybe it’ll turn out great. Here’s hoping!

      • clevelanddave

        I always thought the old schoohouse on H next to the Hyatt would be a better venue for Eataly if they come to town. In some respects that is the way it is in NYC- it is in a larger building but it is totally an old world space unto itself. Besides, I don’t think 10K sf is a big enough space for the full Eataly treatment.

  • What does “but on the scale of an Eastern Market” mean? Eastern Market isn’t exactly huge.

    • I think what they meant to say is that they want to do for interior design what Laura Ashley did for furniture.

  • Clearly this is going to be the site of the new Eataly correct?

    • The Eataly in NYC is 50,000 square feet. So this would be a Eataly Express or something…

  • So if this is coming but not Eataly, where would Eataly likely go? I thought I heard they were definitely coming to DC and not a suburban DC location. Can’t think of anyplace better for them than CityCenter.

  • I saw that maybe it would move into Capitol Crossing (the project in the airspace above 395)? That’s a few years down the road though. Seems to fit better here.

  • Eataly at Walter Reed please?!!?

    • I doubt Eataly would locate there b/c it wants to be downtown, but Walter Reed would be the perfect spot for something like another Eastern Market!

  • Are you watching all of this, “Howard Town Center” folks?

    When will that block of warehouses situated between dense U Street, rapidly gentrifying Shaw and already pretty-well-gentrified Ledroit and Bloomingdale become something other than the 9:30 club and a pizza joint? There should be an upscale market there, particularly since a Giant will be going in on P.

    • oh yes!! Howard Town center would be a great spot for Eataly! If only the Howard Town Center folks would poop or get off the pot.

  • More great news for the East End. City Center is starting to sound like a major success already.

    Who cares about traffic? No reason not to wike, balk, bus, or metro into Penn Quarter. It’s one of the more accessible spots in the city. Building on top of the biggest parking lot in downtown DC should help discourage people from driving in:) Now if they can only redevelop the other 10,000 open air parking spots in Mt Vernon/PQ it might actually start to look like a city! God I hope so…vested interests…

  • I think the owners of City Center (Qtari?) were opposed to establishments that generated a substantial portion of income from alcohol sales. This would prevent any bars, liqour stores or Eataly from opening up. One big part of Eataly is the top floor birreria.
    Where Room & Board is would have been a perfect location for Eataly as wood the old Georgetown Barnes & Nobel.

    • It is wise to keep in mind that much like Christian society, all Muslims are not ultra-conservative.

      • True, most muslims I’ve met drink alcohol, but if it comes to pork…hell no! Maybe the investors are more offended by Mario’s salami then the birreria…

      • Yeah, but this wasn’t a case of someone learning that the investors were Qatari Muslims and saying “OMG, Sharia!!” based solely on that information.

        The two City Paper articles linked in PoP’s earlier thread about City Center discuss the situation in some depth.

        It seems like there’s some grey area, though. The first article says: “Restaurants will be able to serve liquor, but retailers whose primary business involves selling alcohol will not be allowed, Mr. Alsup said.” The second, however, says: “Hines [developer Hines Interests, of Houston] did plan for a ‘wine store’ and ‘wine bar/café,’ but those are apparently kosher with the Qataris (or halal, rather).”

  • Chelsea market in NYC sounds like the closest parallel.

  • It is Eatily. I went to the one in NYC. Amazing!! So good.

  • Yum. I’d stop there now for bread if it were, well, built and open.

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