Chuck Brown Remembered in Petworth

Awesome new mural went up Friday night outside of Sweet Mango Cafe at the corner of Georgia and New Hampshire Ave, NW in honor of the great Chuck Brown.

A reader writes:

“McFarland JH art teachers are painting it right now, and apparently will continue through the weekend. So far it looks great.”

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  • This song has been stuck in my head for years:

  • That is superfly, really love it, hope to see more Chuck murals around town, this one is fantastic

  • That mural is based on the photo you picture above on the sign, which is by City Paper’s great photographer Darrow Montgomery.

  • And just like that, I have a new favorite mural. Awesome work!

  • Very nice!

  • Really liking this mural!

  • This Mural is based on a photograph I made in 1992. No one contacted me for permission to use it. and I consider this a violation of my copyright.
    Darrow Montgomery

    • if you had been contacted for permission, would you have granted it? asked for $ in return?

      • These are good questions.

        I would guess that the the art teachers from McFarland were operating in good faith and hadn’t realized that their mural would be violating Darrow Montgomery’s copyright. Seems like they and Darrow should talk — maybe he’d be willing to grant them permission after the fact? And an appropriate credit for the photo source could be added to the mural?

        Unless Sweet Mango Cafe paid the teachers anything to paint the mural, it doesn’t seem like there’s money at stake here (though I’d imagine the mural will bring Sweet Mango Cafe some additional customers).

    • They tried to call you, but you were out taking a blurry photo of the reflection of somebody’s feet in the reflection of a rain-filled pothole in Adams Morgan.

    • you should paint it over

  • Love the mural – thanks to the McFarland teachers for doing it. Wind me up Chuck!

  • This is a GREAT mural. It’s brought a lot of people in the community together, stopping by, smiling, making small talk, bumping chuck brown. We don’t facilitate enough reasons to bring the DC community together for positive reasons, so hats off to the fellas who did this. Even better that middle school students were involved. With art a dying class in so many schools, just one more thing to make this mural such a beautiful thing. RIP Chuck Brown!

  • To The Painter:

    Very good job I can’t wait to see it.

    Thanks for caring.

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