Chuck Brown Public Viewing and Memorial Service

From DDOT:

Tuesday, May 29

The public viewing is scheduled from 11 am to 10 pm on Tuesday at the Howard Theatre, which is located at 620 T Street, NW. The following streets will be closed for this event:

3:00 am – Midnight
T Street, NW, from 7th Street to Florida Avenue, NW

9:30 am – Midnight

T Street, NW closure will expand to include T Street between 9th Street and Florida Avenue, NW
7th Street, NW between Florida Avenue and S Street, NW
8th Street, NW between Florida Avenue and S Street, NW
Wiltberger Street, NW between T Street and S Street, NW

Thursday, May 31

The public memorial service is scheduled from 12 pm – 3 pm at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, located at 801 Mount Vernon Place, NW.

6:00 am – 6:00 pm

L Street, NW will be closed in both direction between 7th Street and 9th Street

Please note: all street closures and times are subject to change due to prevailing or unexpected conditions.

The general public is strongly encouraged to use public transportation for both events.

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  • why are the streets closed? are they expecting people to fill the streets? or is the funeral outside?

    i saw an ambulance come up 7th this morning, turn down s, up 8th, over fla, and then got back on georgia.

    it seemed kind of pointless to close the streets before 7am this morning and have over a dozen cops (that i could see) standing around. perhaps later there will be a need for it?

    • do you know how much Chuck Brown was loved in this city? I’ll bet on massive amounts of people…

      • well i’m not originally from dc and am not in general a fan of go-go. so maybe i really do have no idea what kind of crowds will be there. but it still seems a bit excessive to shut down a main road in the city and force cars onto side streets. i could see shutting down t between 7th and fla, but 7th too?

        i live around the corner so i can report back later i guess.. it’s not inconveniencing me, it just seems like a waste of resources (so many police officers were there..).

        also, i’m hopefully not coming across as insensitive to his death. that’s not my intention.

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