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  • I live right by there but haven’t noticed this open, and I stop in Azi’s occassionally. It’s going to have to have something special/different as it is in direct competiton with Queen of Sheeba at 9th and P, which I personally think has some of the best ethiopian in the city.

    • Speaking of Queen of Sheba, I ate at Northern on the 1400 block of 9th (formerly Mexican place, formerly Cafe Eagle) a few weeks ago. I am almost positive that after ordering lamb tibs, they ordered out from somewhere else, and I’m guessing it was Sheba. My food arrived about a minute after what appeared to be the owner walked in the front door with a delivery bag that looked like what I always get from Sheba.

      Anyone have a similar experience?

      • Did the lamb tibs have plenty of onion and jalapenos? That’s how QoS always makes it, and it’s delish! I’ve never been in this place you mention but after hearing your story, it sounds like there isn’t much reason to check it out.

    • +1
      I also live right around the corner and have been to Azi’s quite a few times. And I too haven’t noticed this new Ethiopian place. Lastly, agree that Queen of Sheba has been one of my better experiences with Ethiopian in the city. The food is good and the atmosphere is lovely, not to mention it is a great location for me, with very little right on the street….so, I am very interested to check out this new place just to compare.

  • tonyr

    I too live just round the corner and the reason that not many people have spotted this is that it’s only been open a week or so. That and the basement location doesn’t exactly jump out at you. I did talk with one of the owners (?) the other day and he said that they were going to start advertising soon, probably starting with the sign (above) which went up a few days back. I don’t think it’s in direct competition with the Queen of Sheba which has a more restaurant/bar/nightclub vibe, unlike this place which is more cafe like. It doesn’t have a booze license either.

  • tonyr

    On an unrelated note, an Opening Soon sign has gone up at Table DC round the corner on N. On a related note, Breakfast item #3 sounds yummy.

  • I have not gone in yet but I could smell onions and curry all the way to almost 10th St last weekend. Does this cafe have a proper exhaust fan?

  • Not sure if Girlled chicken is vegetarian…

  • I had the No. 12 Veggie Combo and it was good. It’s a very clean place with nice owners, and stocked with spices and legumes as well.

  • Ate dinner there last night, thanks for the heads up on the opening. We had a really good experience and I will definitely be returning again. Hopefully this place doesn’t suffer the fate of Cafe Eagle! When we walked in around 6:30 we were the only customers and it is small but nice inside–very clean, freshly painted, new lights, etc. They have a small market on the right hand side when you enter, with various spices (helpful for making Ethiopian at home), different kinds of lentils, popcorn, and grains like bulgur.

    We sat down and a woman came over and explained that although they are doing waiter service right now, it will soon be all self serve, which I think will mean order at the counter, then sit and wait for them to bring your food out when it’s ready or take it to go. They only sell bottled drinks so I would consider getting your food to go because I always need more than one bottle’s worth of water when I eat Ethiopian food. We ordered two veggie sambusas, plus the Regular Tibs and the Awaze Tibs. Honestly it was the best Ethiopian food I’ve ever had. The sambusas were pretty standard but the tibs were crazy good. They were tender, tasted really fresh and bright with flavor, and the sauces were complex, definitely had some heat, and were just overall delicious. To put it in perspective I’ve only tried Etete and Queen of Sheba so far so this might not be the best Ethiopian in DC but I enjoyed it immensely. Plus everyone was incredibly friendly and nice; the service was very attentive and they definitely wanted our feedback about everything, especially the food.

    I know people on here seem to love Queen of Sheba and since I’m in the neighborhood I want to love it too but the few times I’ve gone, although the food was tasty enough, the service was pretty awful. Same with Etete, pretty good food with service that makes me feel like they’re doing me a favor. So I thought Chercher was a nice change of pace from that, and the food was excellent.

    • Thanks for your great review. I don’t work for the place or have any ties but your review seemed thoughtful, thorough. When you say they have bottled drinks, do you mean soda or does that also include beers? Sounds like it doesn’t include bottled water? Do they offer tap water? Some place have pitchers or a dispenser along with cups or glasses. Glad it sounds like a great experience.

      • For the bottled drinks, I only recall seeing bottled water, jucies, sodas, and Starbucks bottled coffee drinks. I don’t think they had any alcohol, at least not yet when I went, and I also didn’t see any tap water that you could have during your meal, which would be a nice touch.

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