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  • This place is amazing. I’ve purchased some of their shirts online when they had a sale and they are some of the best-manufactured, best-fitting shirts I own. I’m excited to have them in D.C.; the quality is well worth the cost.

  • Definitely good to have. Quite inexpensive, and they have that old fashioned British style.

  • I opt not to buy Charles Tyr, Pink, or TM lewin…I discovered that these three brands, while headquartered in London, actually manufacture their shirts in North Africa and Vietnam. And (particularly in the case of Pink) the relatively high price for a shirt is set so the firms can cover the costs of a massive marketing department. So the revenue from the shirt goes more towards (good) marketing efforts than towards paying skilled craftsmen.

    I have found a brand called Hilditch and Key that is sold at WM Fox near the Treasury that is still made by skilled workers in England, and the price (equal to Pink) goes towards paying skilled shirt makers instead of a marketing department.

    A little idiosyncratic, but either way it is nice to see that people in DC are interested in shopping for shirts in places besides Macy’s or H&M. It speaks well for the city’s fashion progress.

    • what do you have against north africa and vietnam?

      and by the way the pricing at Tyrwhitt is entirely unlike Thomas Pink, who I agree is extremely overpriced.

      • Yep, these guys are the H&M of dress shirts. If their shirts weren’t being made by 14-year-olds in Vietnamese sweatshops, you wouldn’t be able to afford them.

  • as well as North Africa and Vietnam, there are many other countries in Asia that these, and many other textile firms outsource their manufacturing to,

  • I wish more people would get into making their own shirts. A decent used sewing machine is not that expensive used, and you can make pretty much whatever you want, as long as you follow the directions that come with the pattern. Much cheaper, and you get to live with the beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of art that you wear.

  • this place is awesome. i hope they have the same sales as their catalog. i often get shirts on sale from them for 40 or 50 bucks. no tax. 10 or so dollars for shipping.

    if you get the non-iron, you’ll make your money back on not paying dry cleaner fees. great for traveling. just throw them in a bag. spray some water on them the night before you need it. no wrinkles. i even find the water trick works well enough for some of the iron-required shirts, which are a little bit nicer and hold their shape better.

    the only problem is now everybody else in the area is going to have these shirts, which normally isnt a problem if you stick to extremely basic patterns. if you go outside the blue or white, it is kinda weird to see someone with the same checked shirt as you

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