Car Flips on 15th St, NW – Stabbing on H St, NE Sat. Night

Thanks to all who tweeted to @PoPville and sent emails about the crazy sight above. Just before midnight @kswex wrote:

“Car flipped – 15 b/w R and S. I hear woman driving was going wrong way, hit parked car, & fled the scene.”

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@dcalerts tweeted:

“Police Alert- Stabbing 2230 1206 H st NE LOF B/M white polo blue jeans last seen north DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911”

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  • Because it is a city.With lots of human beings. Does not make it right.
    Really no differnent from any other city if the statistics I see are correct, just more bothersome because we live here? Maybe if you became an officer of the peace you could change it?

  • Bc DC is in the USA. We are a violent society.

    • Not all of us. When you blame ‘society’ for things like this, you’re essentially guaranteed that you will never identify nor address the true cause(s). Funny how the areas where many people deny personal responsibility always seem to suffer from higher rates of such violent instances. I grew up in a hick-town awash in the poor, drunks, and guns (often combined) in the 42 years of my life, my hometown has had one murder. You’d be hard pressed to find a local who identifies ‘society’ as being the cause of it.

  • That block is full of bars and restaurants, there was probably a lot of foot traffic around 10 pm on a Saturday night… definitely not a place where you’d expect to get mugged or stabbed, assuming it was a random attack…

  • Looks like that car had a lot of junk in the trunk!

  • It looks like a black sedan [possible the Volvo in the background of the first picture] was the vehicle hit that ’caused’ the other car to flip – it was still in 15th St a few minutes ago when I rode past [well, partly in the road, partly in the bike lane]. It has one of the super-low number/friend-of-the-mayor DC license plates on it.

    • yeah, we biked down 15th earlier this morning and saw the black car almost in the bike lane. this would explain it. the black car looked like it got smacked pretty bad.

    • Heh, I was crossing the street with the light in a crosswalk and almost got bumped by a black Volvo bearing low-number DC tags. It was Saturday morning near Union Station. The driver wasn’t paying a bit of attention and was talking on a hand-held cell phone. Wouldn’t surprise me if the same car caused an accident by switching lanes inappropriately.

  • Maybe Mel Gibson and Danny Glover were chasing the stabbing suspect. I saw something like that on the Spike Channel last week…

  • That looks like the Volvo Zipcar I rented a couple of weeks ago. Karma

  • brookland_rez

    That looks like a Camry in that car accident. Going the wrong direction? They must have been drunk or on something to flip a car like that.

  • No one fled the scene (or if she tried, she didn’t get far.) I live nearby and ventured outside when I heard the commotion – saw the super drunk, half naked girl being treated and trying to slur some lame explanations at the cops.

  • Sparta

    Walked out of H St. theater right after the stabbing. Paramedics were treating a man lying on the ground. He was getting oxygen; his shirt was off and and his abdomin was wrapped. Multiple police cars speeding up H St.
    Streets were crowded with bar/restaurant goers.

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