Buildings on 14th St, NW south of U Street All Demolished to Make Way For Louis Project

I’m sorta blown away how 14th Street, NW south of U Street is looking right now. The only thing still standing is the former facade of the El Paraiso restaurant. Do you think they are going to keep that facade? If so, why just that one? It’s hard to tell from the renderings but you can see them here. Totally wild.

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  • That’s the only facade on that block that was worth keeping. I don’t see why they would go through all that effort to maintain it if they don’t plan on incorporating it in some way.

  • I heard from the builder that the facade is historic and the HPRB is making them keep it. I am all for historic preservation, but looking at this I have no idea what they were thinking if that is indeed the case.

    • Was wondering about this as I walked past the other day. I’d be curious to know what about the facade is historic in value, since its architectural value isn’t immediately apparent at this stripped down level. Anyone know?

      Also, seems a bit ironic they’re saving this facade but planning to completely cover the Fidelty Storage sign.

  • It’s always so surprising how quickly demolition happens, compared to the actual construction project.

  • So………..Are we really getting a Trader Joe’s there?

  • Is the icky McDonalds gone or will it remain?

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