Bloomingdale Scuttlebutt: Spanish Tapas Restaurant and an American Pub Coming Soon?

1837 1st St, NW

Big scuttlebutt for Bloomingdale this morning. I hear that two long term vacant spaces have finally been leased. The first one is the yellow building right next to Rustik at 1837 1st St, NW – I hear a Spanish Tapas restaurant will be coming into that space.

1822 1st St, NW

Perhaps more exciting is the scuttlebutt for the big yellow building at the corner of 1st and Seaton St, NW (1822 1st St, NW) that has long had massive potential. Well, I’m hearing it has finally been leased and an American Pub is on the way. It’s been tough to find out specifics but if either of these properties have finally been leased, it’ll be great news.

Oh yeah, I’m also hearing another restaurant is looking at a nearby space as well. Stay tuned…

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  • please let this be true! all would be excellent additions to the neighborhood!

  • devoe

    Great news! Any word on who the restauranteurs are?

  • No more pizza, please. We have great pizza at Rustik and Bacio.

    Did you hear an opening date for the Thai/Japanese? Or Grassroots Gourmet?

    • Bacio makes you wanna smack your momma its so good. Um um um.

      They are still working daily on the green building for Thai / Japanese so I expect it will open this summer. They had previously mentioned May but that ain’t gonna happen. Grassroots is taking its time on the buildout and plans to open in the fall, try Uncle Chips in the meantime

  • I hear Manny and Olga’s was looking at the old uniform space in the Sylvan building next to the new bakery. Can’t say that is a good fit though since we have a lot of pizza. SOOO ready for the tapas place!!!

    You guys can come visit us in Bloomingdale anytime (just be sure to bike not drive)

    • Please no more pizza. I love the pizza we have. We need something else. Mexican maybe? I’d love to get a good taco/burrito close by.

      • At least Manny and Olga’s offers things besides pizza: subs, salads, greek dishes. We need a good take-out place where you can get a quick, decent quality meal. I’d be fine with a Manny and Olga’s.

        • please no chains… not to mention, the nearest manny’s and olga’s delivers to bloomingdale, it would make zero sense to open another in the area… we have pizzaro, rustik, italy pizza, new york pizza and bacio… i think we’re good on flat bread and cheese

          • Appararently, people in or around Bloomingdale can’t get enough pizza or these places wouldn’t keep coming. sigh.

          • Manny and Olga’s is decent chain pizza! Much, much worse out there.

    • invitations with stipulations? not very gallant of you

  • New restaurants are great! Honesly, though, I’d like to see some retail… a pharmacy/general store (not CVS, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers), perhaps? Or maybe a kitchen/home goods store or somesuch. A nice boutique (a la Nana)?

    • If you haven’t yet, you should check out Studio85 on Florida Ave — (warning: site plays music). Yes, they are a couple blocks away, but it’s just down the way from Big Bear, not too far at all. Very cute shop with super nice owners.

      • I have checked them out! Lots of good stuff — I’d like to see more shops like it! (Not just like it; more locally-owned shops is what I mean. That can cater to the variety of people in the neighborhood.)

    • agreed! and a small hardware store would be nice too

  • Oh no, two establishments that serve liquor are coming. Quick, quick, quick, let’s get an alcohol moratorium in place.

  • Awesome! I hope the other news is about the former brass knob at 57 n st. That would be a great space for s beer garden.

  • Tapas aka “Small Plates” = The Scourge of Humanity.

  • That is great news! I hope that the “american pub” differentiates itself from Boundary Stone. I would love if Chineto’s was ready to expand to Bloomingdale.

    I wonder what the percentage chance of this scuttlebut being accurate is?

  • What hath we wrought.

  • Both are owned by the same group of people. I used to live above 1822 1st Street. They promised a restaurant was moving in 6 years ago. Don’t hold your breath, you might not survive! 😉

    When something happens there (because it will, eventually), that’ll be great. Until then, I’m going to have to see to believe.

    • Don’t be so negative! PoP said the leases have been signed!

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Sorry Anon X this is just scuttlebutt, I could very easily be wrong. If I knew for sure 100% I wouldn’t call it scuttlebutt.

        • Obviously, but if the rumor/scuttlebutt is leases have been signed, it’s no time to be negative! Even if Imgoph has reason for skepticism. As he said, it’s going to happen eventually… Sounds like maybe the time has come. Let me be optimistic until there is a reason not to be!

        • Thanks Dan. Skepticism is healthy. I’m not sure why this anonymous commenter has a problem with that.

          (By the way, what happened to your avatar? I’m just seeing the default gray thing. Wish more people would get an avatar, it makes it easier to see who’s who.)

    • I’m with you there. I’ve heard things about the owners. Even if leases are signed, I’d still say ‘let’s see.’ Tell me they are hiring, then I’d be more hopeful.

    • Currently live above one of the two places mentioned. They were in talks almost a year ago and the landlord “never hears from them” and for that matter I never hear them.

  • This scuttlebutt is the best Friday news like EVER! Especiallys since we live on Seaton. WOOHOO!!! 🙂

  • I am really craving a Yes organic market in that space instead of another American Pub…

  • The DC Tapas bobble continues to inflate…

  • I heard its going to be a pizza/drycleaners….. or perhaps a drycleaners exclusively for pizza restaurants….

  • How is an american pub different than a bar?

  • Can Bloomingdale support 6 restaurants within one block? A gallery or hardware store would have fit these spaces well and created much needed diversity in the neighborhood

  • I’ll see it when I believe it. Weren’t they supposed to put a restaurant in that vacant firehouse nearby on N. Capitol like 6 years ago?

  • It’s true. Saw the owner of both property a Friday night, and she confirmed that restaurants are going into both locations. Tapas next to Rustik. She said the restauranteur doing the First at Seaton location is “keeping it close to the vest.” I hope it’s something more interesting than “American pub” food. We already have that around the corner at Boundry Stone. Bring in something we can’t make at home.

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