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  • what kind of man hits a woman in the face and steals?

    /I hope he gets flattened by a metro bus or is forced to eat Pizza Boli.

  • austindc

    Well, unless they bike is stolen too, they may be able to whittle this down to a few dozen male Cabi users that were conceivably in the area. Hope he gets what’s coming to him.

  • Impressive coordination. Those things handle like tanks.

  • Yikes! Scary.

    I try not to use my iphone in public unless absolutely necessary. Kind of defeats the point of having a cell phone 🙁

    • If you are in a place where you feel it’s not safe to use your phone, it’s probably better to wait. If you get a call in such an area, perhaps try stepping inside a well-lit local business. Sad to say that such precautions are necessary, but such are the times we live in!

  • This is good to know. I walk along East Cap with my iPod during my workouts at around this time typically. I’ll have to be a little more alert, I guess.

  • Perfect example of one using a phone (social crutch ) and not paying attention to their surroundings. Things like this will happen more than not when people are not street smart enough to not be engrossed in mindless chatter and texting and not see a man on bicycle riding towards them .

    • And end almost immediately once carriers begin blocking phones reported stolen.

      European countries do it – why can’t we? If you provide the consumer a easy way to look up if a phone is stolen and begin blocking said phones – people will stop stealing them.

  • I’m more pissed that he was riding on the sidewalk and not in the bike lane

  • So bizarre. What’s next for this guy? A drive-by in a Zipcar?

  • This is shameful. Shameful that someone allowed themselves to be robbed by some tool on a CaBi bike. I can walk faster than most of the people riding those bikes.

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