Bean and Bite Coming to 1152 15th St, NW

Bean and Bite is coming to the (newish) building at 1152 15th St, NW just south of M Street, NW. You can see their menu here and FAQ sheet here. Looks like they plan on opening in more locations in the future. Their Web site says:

“Bean and bite has an interesting story. It was built by hand in a garage. The concept was created as a mini bar that dininers and coffee fanatics could make their own coffee, grab their own food and be out the door within 2 minutes. Our food philosophy is all about home made baked goods, great pastries and home made sandwiches that are hard to pass up on. Ingredients that are local, farm to table and healthy combinations and great variety is our goal!”

1152 15th St, NW

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  • That’s disappointing. Was hoping for a decent place to eat.

  • “farm to table” has no meaning anymore.

  • brookland_rez

    What’s “dininers”?

  • If the bagels are decent, I’d become a fan. There is absolutely nowhere to get a good bagel on my current route to work.

  • “Buzzword buzzword buzzword buzzword.”

    But I will still try it…

  • I hope they’ll serve Heinz baked beans. Because some things never change. And Heinz, Heinz, Heinz is on my side.

  • Wait . . . the story was built by hand in a garage? And what am I paying them for if I am making my own coffee?

    If you can afford to rent a space downtown you can afford to pay for a couple of hours worth of professional copyediting.

  • yeah, that menu was pathetic. if you don’t know how to spell sandwich you probably should have someone help you. how are you going to figure out how to do all the other stuff you need to do to run a business (pay taxes, hire employees, etc.)?

    Also, the idea that purchasing food there is a “donation” because they’ll give a nickel per item (so, probably less than 2% of their overall sales) to some as-yet unnamed cause is stupid.

  • whatever haters, i work a 1/2 a block from this place. if i can get a better sandwich there than at the caribou, i’ll be perfectly happy.

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