Sweet Happy Hour at Mandu

A few weeks ago I tweeted that I found a happy hour offering Bell’s Two Hearted Ale for under $3. Unfortunately for me, it is located in Old Town Alexandria (where I don’t get to, too often) at the Union Street Public House. I’m a huge fan of Bell’s brewery beers. I’m also a huge fan of Mandu. My friend Sean send this awesome news – Mandu offers Bell’s Oberon for $3.00 4-7pm everyday. They also have Founders IPA and Oskar Blues Pilsner. While not as awesome as Two Hearted Ale, that’s still a pretty sweet deal. Mandu has two locations at 1805 18th Street, NW and 453 K Street, NW. Awesome.

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  • Having to go to Old Town is not just unfortunate for you, PoP. It’s unfortunate for any self-respecting Washingtonian.

    • msmaryedith

      I disagree. Old Town is wonderful. It isn’t DC, but it’s charming and has a lot of great restaurants and some great small businesses. And I am a self-respecting Washingtonian.

      • Yeah, Old Town’s ok for visiting once in a while. Most of the shops and restaurants are expensive, and there’s not much going on after 8pm, but the architecture’s charming and it’s near the water. Just don’t try to live there unless you’re grouchy, over the age of 70, and wealthy.

      • I agree. I find it so strange when people complain about Alexandria, as if it were some awful place on earth. It’s got a lot going for it and I never understand why anyone would complain. I get that people like the convenience of stepping outside and having bars, restaurants, etc. right outside your door – and that’s cool, too. But Alexandria is hardly a war-zone or some place with only a tree as your neighbor.

  • Mad Rose Tavern in Clarendon (though a total Bro’ Bar) has $3 Two-Hearted for Happy Hour

  • Ok, I just have to rant about the price of beer in DC. I have been here for 12 years and still can’t get over it. In Seattle, where I grew up, micros are $3.50 standard. That’s not happy hour, and that’s what I was charged just last summer. I used to chalk it up to the rarity of micro brews in DC bars, but that has now changed.

  • PDleftMtP

    Okay, all Bell’s is awesome, but Oberon is awesomer. You, sir, are incorrect.

  • I also agree on the absurdity of DC beer prices. It sucks. However, I will say that it makes me value places that offer reasonable prices at all hours/days. An example of this is Black Jack on 14th street. They have a great bar (albeit a bit trendy scene) that plays good music and you can always get $2 Schaeffer’s or $3 Natty Boh, Stroh’s, Yuengling cans. They also have good craft beers on tap for $6 which is sadly now “reasonable” in my mind.

  • Bell’s Two Hearted is our favorite beer as well. And Blue Banana has it on tap every day of the week for $4 which I think is a pretty sweet deal. Certainly worth the extra $1 to not have to drive to Old Town.

  • talula

    Whoohoo, thanks for the heads up, PoP. In DC, Oberon seems to be more popular than Two Hearted, Amber, and other year round Bell’s. That’s one thing I miss about Michigan, having all the varieties of Bell’s on tap at every bar!

  • My fave happy hour! Only the k st mandu has beers on tap.

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