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  • I wonder who lives here? Not specifically who the owners are but generally, are they artists, business man/woman…this seems underpriced if this was offered at $3,450,000 in Sept. 2008. I am not crazy about a lot of the homes in Cleveland Park, which feels a little suburban to me, but this one hits it out of the ballpark.

    • ah

      3 BR and “only” 3000 sq. ft. on a smallish lot (<7000 sq. ft). I'm not saying those are "small" generally, but modernist appeal aside buyers spending $3.5M are probably looking for more house than this provides.

  • The entrance to the batcave is around here somewhere

  • I had the opportunity to tour the house when it was on the market in 2008 — what a magnificent work of art. As Andy said, it’s worth every penny.

  • I’m pretty sure it’s not getting remodeled. That sign has been up for almost three years. My guess was that the company has their office there- either as a home office or they are using this as a business office.

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