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  • claire

    Hmm, I want to be excited about this… but we already have Beau Thai and Thai X-ing serving up some great Thai food in the area (unless this is going to be a lot cheaper?). I love sushi, but I’m skeptical when it’s tacked on to another Asian cuisine like this. Feel free to prove me wrong, Aroi, by serving cheap delicious Thai food and cheap delicious sushi!

    • Yeah, while I tend to agree with Claire’s comment, DC seems to sprout Pan-Asian (Thai-Sushi joints). Even if a Thai restaurant doesn’t advertise the sushi part, I think many of them do offer a sushi option on the menu. I’m pretty skeptical of this practice but I think Sala Thai, Teakwood, Thaitanic, Sticky Rice, Spices, Straits of Malaysia all offer sushi options in addition to their pan-asian or Thai offerings. I think some of the places are decent and the sushi options are okay without the mind-numbing prices of some of the really expensive Japanese options in DC.

    • i hate to be like this, but even if it’s not that good, its a great thing for first street. it will help enliven the block, and if it fails, at least it’s a place that has been renovated and builtout for a restaurant/bar. win-win for bloomingdale.
      imagine how much further along we’d be if martini2020 had already opened and gone bust.

  • I echo Clair’s comments.

    I wonder if restauranteurs know that dual- or pan- asian is an automatic negative that must be overcome for many potential customer’s.

    Considering current options, I’d like to see another type of cuisine but if they are really good, I’m sure I’ll be a frequent guest.

  • Anyone know if they’ve gotten their liquor license?

  • novadancer

    I consider Thai X-ing more of a plan in advance dinner, and am not a fan of Beau Thai (multiple bland meals). So I welcome a thai restaurant in walking distance!

  • i would like to see Windows Cafe give up the ghost and the Abeje’s open an ethiopian lounge in it’s place.

    • Windows is not only a good little corner grocery, they deserve a lot of credit for being the one of the first establishments to take down bulletproof glass. And they suffered for it too.

      • i do give them a lot of credit for being the first coffee shop. actually i give more of the credit to neighbors that strong armed them into changing, designing the place, painting the place, and even coming up with the menu and the name “windows”. they have done nothing new to add to what the neighbors set up for them. and it’s a subpar coffeeshop. you can like it all you want, but it is a direct product of others wishing change on them. it’s past the time for them to change again. maybe they should just become a better market.

  • I plan on supporting this local small business! Better than what previously occupied the space…

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