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  • Hey, you know what, I’m really liking this sign! Yay sign!

  • now i know where my hundreds of dollars for pet care go. i’m f’ing thrilled.

    • +1 I went to city paws a couple of times, but found them sooo expensive. I go to Alpine, although I have to rent a car to get there. It probably evens out somewhat.

  • ♥ City Paws…. (as does my pup) and the new sign fits the block well. I’m sure he’ll give it two paws up when he sees it on our walk by later this afternoon. Kudos to the designer of it.

  • That’s great, now how about putting a new Petco in Petworth?!?

  • Nice to see where all my money goes. Has the be the most expensive vet in the city, but it is just so convenient. Now if they would just get some air conditioning, the place is always stinking hot

  • Nice! Y’all really think they’re overpriced? Admittedly I haven’t searched around other vets, but I haven’t found CityPaws to be overly expensive. Of course we’ve only done routine stuff.

  • I like the new sign. Now that they finally have a way to advertise their location, it will be so mich easier for me and mu pooch to find. My pooch, by the way, loves going there! Even though I agree that vet care is expensive, I have been to others in DC and definitely NOT the most expensive out there.

  • How pricey is this place?

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