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  • Considering the same couple still owns it, the answer is probably not much anytime soon.

  • Years. Insurance settlement, plans and specs, construction financing, permits — and that’s even if the sales process goes through which would require environmental checks and negotiation. 2013 to start.

  • I heard there is supposed to be a discrimination complaint

  • Hopefully there is also a thorough investigation to determine who started the fire. I would assume their insurance will insist on that, as they should.

    • Insurance? Does anyone really believe that place had insurance? Anyone who walked in front (or behind) that propety would know it was one match away from a fire and a strong breeze away from falling over. This going to be a mess for years to come.

  • My guess is this stays a smokey hole in the ground for years while the owners get into epic legal battles with everyone under the sun. After that they will probably declare bankruptcy and then after that, their surviving relatives will sell it to a developer who will build something that consists mostly of gypsum board.

    • I think Anonymous 6:09pm hit the nail on the head. Similar type scenario happened years ago at 15th and Swann NW. Pack rat lived in run down house. Place burns to the ground. No insurance. Owner dies from unrelated causes. Distant nephew sells to developers and the site became condos going for 500-600k a piece.

  • The building may be gone but the land itself is assesed at ~500K in value. Not a bad ROI since the rumor is they got it for literally nothing.

    They could sell to any handful of DC condo developers who would want a prime ~qrt acre right there to build 700K 2bed/2ba condos on.

    Knowing who owned it, if they did have insurance they will simply rebuild something on the lot that underuses its potential, but then again thats their perogative.

  • There’s still a gap on my block from a 2009 fire. No idea what the situation is, but the formerly-adjoining houses are suffering structural decay as a result of the lost support of the burned house. I wonder if those owners have against the owner of the vacant lot? These houses were built to hold each other up.

    • The two buildings next to this one had a slight gap between them, so they should be ok structurally. Plus one has just been built and the other is being rehabbed (I think).

  • Perhaps this is the perfect location for the Cap City Diner…

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