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  • Looks like they’re putting in a pergola. Very cool, there should be more of these in DC.

  • not gonna do it wouldnt be prudent

    better ways to utilize what is a good yard, all you need is a patio and some good gardening. as a homeowner, the structure is a waste of wood and adds more maintenance. why not even create front porch instead? don’t mean to rub it in….

    • Wouldn’t the new front porch use a lot of wood and need a lot of maintenance? What’s the difference? Let them build a pergola if they want. Jeesh.

      • obviously no one is stopping them from building their pergola, it’s built already. is it okay with you if i comment that i wouldn’t have done this, and offer other options?? why else are we on this thread?? i think this takes away from the facade of the house, maybe a smaller version would be a better fit, but this doesn’t look right to me. can i say that?

        • You can say whatever you like (unless the moderator doesn’t like it, of course). I just found it odd that the jab you took at it was about it being a waste of wood and a lot of maintenance… then you suggested an option that was a waste of wood and a lot of maintenance.

          Please don’t take it so personally. I just thought it was a bit of a buzz kill for the folks are trying to improve their home.

    • ah

      +1 Serves a different purpose than a porch, which is to bring something green and living into the yard without taking up useable space. Plus, a porch would block that English basement window.

      • depends on how you do the porch. i would add greenery in other ways, there’s plenty of yard space. this pergola dominates the front of the house in a negative way. not gonna do it…

      • No blocking of English basements windows allowed! 🙂

  • Whatever you call it, it’s technically an illegal structure in public space. Like in most parts of old DC, the space between the front door and the roadway is public space subject to very particular regulations. Could be zoning problems too since this would count against their lot coverage. It belongs in the backyard.

  • Looks like a semi-permanent sukkah to me, as well. Maybe they don’t have a back yard?

  • claire

    This will look a lot nicer once they get some grapes or hops growing on there – and then it’ll make the front yard look pretty inviting, I think!

  • that is whack

  • Eyesore. And if I was a neighbor, I would be checking on the permit status for this structure.

  • yeah, way to stifle the creativity. people here are so straight laced.

    • Straight-laced people in DC? I’m stunned.

    • visually it’s cluttered. It wrecks the relationship between the facade and the street. If the owners wanted a garden/patio effect, they could easily do so with a less obtrusive manner with less bulk. It’s a big front yard with lots of potential (ie project ideal for creative types), but this looks terribly tacky.

      It looks like it was built by a overgrown little boy trying to realize his dreams of building a really cool fort

      • Yes, that’s my problem with it. It will certainly look better once it has vines and maybe a little patio set underneath it, but that won’t change the fact that it slices the view of the main level in half.

  • This post gets the most obnoxious / least informed comments of the week award. Congratulations everyone.

  • I live nearby this house. Before these owners moved in, this house was rundown and uncared for. Largely with their own hard work, they turned this house into a cool and modern place that still keeps with the look of the houses around them. I like that they are trying something a little different in the front yard and I think this is clearly a work in progress that will look as awesome as their house does when it is completed.

  • I know nothing of the pergola legality, but I do know that it isn’t a Sukkah because it’s the wrong time of year for that. Sukkot is a harvesting holiday in the fall.

  • slickhop

    I like that its color coordinated with the rowhouse, but looks a bit strange until they grow the vines on it.

    Could be a good option for folks with no shade in their backyards but space is a premium so trees aren’t a good bet…

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