(Was it a) Good Deal or Not? “a 6 panel pocket door” edition (reader request)

This house is located at 2010 1st St, NW:

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The listing says:

“Rarely available Grand sized round bay Victorian w/ attic storage. Exquisite renovation. C of O for 2 legal units. Orig details-3 mantels, a 6 panel pocket door,heart pine floors,vestibule tile,skylight. Huge kitchen w/ Fratelli Onofri range & other high quality appls, Large deck.Covered Parking for 2 cars.Eco features incl tankless water htr & blown insulation. Blocks from Farmers Mkt,Restaurants”

You can see a virtual tour here.

The reader writes:

“I saw it last weekend and it is a very beautiful house renovated with a lot of care. There are no pictures of the english basement but it is very spacious (2 BD) and they are renting it out for $1,750 I think.”

This 5 bed/3.5 bath was listed at $759,900. Well, it already went under contract in 5 days. Do you think it went more for asking?

Ed. Note: Looks like the listing agent is Hipchickindc so hopefully she can tell us what the final price was.

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  • Beautifully done. Based on other sales in the past year or two, if this place sold for less than 780, they got a great deal.

  • What a gorgeous house!!!

  • Its a lot of house. Its beautifully done and has all the character and charm one could want. Its move in ready. The location continues to improve. I could definitely see this going for 800+. Really, its a teriffic property and is a fantastic deal at list price.

  • novadancer

    When I saw this last week, I knew it wouldn’t last long! Interested to see what it went for though!

  • amazing house

  • Love this house! I’m sure it had to go for more than 760.

  • claire

    Gorgeous! I’m jealous of whoever snapped this up.

  • Been watching that deck go up… beautiful house!

  • Stunning. Love the transom, light fixture in the living room, and wood features. That oven looks amazing, too. I agree with what Bloomingdude said.

  • Beautiful house. One major negative. The house is really dark; photos don’t show this. We went at 1pm on Friday afternoon on a gorgeous day and the house is like a cave. The lights essentially had to be on or you couldn’t do anything. According to our realtor, there were two bids on the house by Friday am (listed Thursday).

  • I saw it on Saturday (also a sunny day) and the rooms upstairs have tons of light. The living room receives a good amount of light from the bay window but yes, the dining room and kitchen are on the darker side, just receiving light from the windows that face the other house. I guess that it is as good as it gets for a traditional floor plan. The Victorian details are stunning… it is a very elegant house.

  • Gorgeous house but why would you put a big television in front of a window? Egads!

  • And why would you block off the skylight with a roof deck? There are ways around that.

  • love me some heart pine floors. yum!

  • I really like this house on many levels. The staging, however, does not appeal to me. I agree with soozles about putting a tv in a bay window? I was going to say the exact same thing. I also think the furniture is too big for the room – 2 large sofas. Maybe it’s a matter of personal preference but rarely do I like the look of overstuffed/oversized furniture. It’s also a shame that this house comes with 2 CofO’s. While I get that is appealing, I lament the loss of the beauty of the home as a whole when they become chopped up. From the photos, it doesn’t seem that the house is chopped up, though, so perhaps it’s more like renting out room? Not sure how it would work in this case.

    • The house has a separate 2-bedroom english basement, that’s the second CofO.

      • Thanks, Anonymous (darn you for making me type it out), but if the English Basement is an apartment with a CofO, wouldn’t that be only 1 CofO? It’s possible that my math skills are not sharp today.

        • I don’t know how that goes, but I assumed that one CofO is for the main house (the first and second floors) and the second CofO is for the basement. Does it make sense?

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