The 5pm Post – Georgia Ave Task Force Meeting Mon. April 9th Will Discuss the Caribbean Carnival

2917 Georgia Ave. NW

Thanks to all who sent emails about this. From the Georgia Ave Task Force:

“The next meeting of the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force will be this Monday April 9th at 7pm at the Enterprise Lounge at 2917 Georgia Avenue NW.

At this meeting we will hear a presentation on the Caribbean Carnival and an impact study done by the HU School of Business.”

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  • As Harry Belafonte would say (or sing), “Lawd Don’t Stop De Carnival!”

  • I hope this will be a calm and productive meeting, especially with the inclusion of the Howard report. Glad to see the GA Ave Task Force taking the discussion on, they put effort/are vested in the neighborhood, not just standing back from afar and shouting out uninformed opinions.

    • The Howard report was promised last Thanksgiving.

      The GA Task Force is calling this meeting because a few citizens started asking tough questions on this issue at a meeting last March, and I’m sure they are aware of the comments on this blog.

      At one particular meeting a woman presenting (to the GA Ave task force) was proceeding like the Caribbean festival was a done deal. Questions were asked about the status of several process “improvements” that were promised to the Task Force last fall by the organizers and representatives from the mayor’s office (such as the Howard report and getting the permits well in advance). Sylvia and Darren said that they would reach out to folks (organizers/city officials) and discuss it at the next meeting (end of March). Hence the meeting…

  • Is this an open public form that anyone can attend? Thanks!

  • At last year’s meeting I was disappointed with the discussion. A number of older residents and members of the Task Force took criticism of the Carnival as an attack by gentrifiers on long-term residents. Instead of having a discussion of the negative aspects of the Carnival, it evolved into a total defense of the carnival with the police apologizing for having too much presence and doing too much. One can only hope this won’t be the case yet again.

  • gotryit

    FYI, the executive director, Mr. Sargeant, will be the one doing the presentation.

  • Any discussion about the thousands of dollars the festival owes to the City for police and clean up work? I don’t think they paid last year and I find it offensive they would get another free pass this year. that “parade” is a hot mess. it would be more tolerable though if they had to actually abide by the same laws as any other organization seeking this kind of permit on a public street.

    • gotryit

      There are other parades / races / etc. that get paid for by the city. I’m fine with that here, so long as we’re really getting what we want. How about the DC government chip in a few more bucks and we get some port-o-potties and plainclothes police officers for drug enforcement. Keep the gangs out and I’ll be more than happy to support the event.

  • Where are you getting info on the task force meetings? The website I keep checking is waaaaay out of date, and I keep missing your posts by a day or two. Thanks!

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