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  • What genius thought gravel was a good thing for a tree box. Oh well, it does look pretty.

    • It looks like river rock, not gravel, and I don’t think the tree will mind. I think it looks really great, and it should be fairly low maintenance. I hope someone waters the tree though. Hopefully whoever did all of that work will grab an ooze tube and keep it full.

    • Very pretty. What’s wrong with gravel/river rock? It’s a good filtration system right?

  • It’s very clean and simple, which is appealing. As PoP says, zen-like.

    What’s wrong with gravel for a tree box?

  • Love it – just water it often…

    • Oh, don’t you worry…it’ll get watered plenty after enough people let their animals pee (and poop) in the box AND on the grasses.

  • the treebox is poorly designed. the bottom rail blocks rainwater from flowing from the sidewalk into the box…though it does keep the rocks inside the box…

    • I don’t understand how then this is poorly designed? How many people water their gardens from sidewalk overflow? It sounds as if that lower metal bar was put in place to keep the stones/gravel/rock inside the box. Whether the box is watered from the sky or a hose, I don’t think getting water inside the box will be a problem – and the top stone layer should aid in moisture retention.

  • orderedchaos

    Tangential question: Any idea how one could get the city to provide a railing/fence like the one in the photo for one’s tree box?

  • If every other tree box on the street is a lovely green, then this would be a cool change of pace. Otherwise, I’m not crazy about it. Sometimes those tree boxes are the only bit of green in sight, and I’d hate to see one of the few tended ones covered in stone.

    • I don’t understand your logic? The stones are over what would otherwise be dirt, which isn’t green? When the plantings grow, then there will be green in the tree box.

      • the owner probably knows that it is going to be stepped in by the curb parkers and has put in something untrampleable!

  • Very simple and great looking!

  • I have a question: do residents have free-reign to design and maintain the tree box in front of their yards? In other words, can I plant pretty much anything?

  • creeping ground covers would be trample-proof and still protect the roots of the tree and keep them cool. rock gets very hot in the summer sun and is far worse than mulch for a tree.

  • If you walk about 10 paces east from this gorgeous tree box you’ll see a horses ass of a tree box that just went up. it’s made of scrape wood, door hinges, and random pieces of metal.

  • Anyone have any contacts for iron work like this? I like the simple design and want to duplicate on mine.

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