1am Shooting on 700 Block of Princeton St, NW

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Of course this happened right after last’s nights Friday Question of the Day was posted.

From MPD:

On April 6, 2012, just before 1 am, units heard gunshots in the PSA 409 area and while investigating, two victims approached the officers in the 3500 block of Georgia Avenue, NW and reported being shot at while in the 700 block of Princeton Place, NW. One of the victims received a non-life threatening injury, the other victim was not injured.

The suspect lookout is a subject unknown race or sex, 5’2” to 5’3” in height wearing a black shirt, black pants and a black mask.

Anyone with information is asked to call (202) 715-7506 or (202) 727-9099. If you would like to provide information anonymously please text 50411 or you can call 1-888-919-2746.

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  • As part of this there was a car crashed or abandoned on GA ave with lots of police patrolling Park View last night. There has recently been a floodlight and cop stationed at Park Road and Georgia. Wonder if something is unfolding at Park Morton?

    • I wish a bulldozer would unfold at park morton so the new mixed income housing can get built there.

      • Not sure what bulldozing the Park Morton has to do with a shooting that occurred 6 or 7 full blocks away from the Park Morton.
        And for what it’s worth, I heard more than 3-4 shots.

        • Park Morton has always been a source of drug dealing, crime etc in the neighborhood. Which is why it was one of four housing projects selected for new community money to rebuild as a mixed income development to lesson some of the concentrations of poverty which almost always contribute to community dysfunction. Many of the dealers who hang down there eventually work their way to the rec center (which is now thankfully closed and under construction) and use that corner as a main hangout. the cops know there are drug dealers at this corner, outside the main door of the rec center etc. DPR shut the building down weeks ago due to lack of personal and threats to the existing staff. Anyhow, this particular incident sounds like it may be targeted. I find it hard to believe that it was all so random at 1am. So yes, its possible Park Morton guys were not involved. However, I stand by hope that its still a hot ass mess at Park Morton due to generations of concentrated poverty and violence that created gang loyalties and fueds. BULL DOZE IT!

          • I am trully affended by your comment!!! I am a current Park Morton resident and have been for 17 years. I do have a job and earn a decent income. I’ve been able to raise two boys one who graduated and will begin college this fall. Please don’t judge or speak on what you don’t know.

          • MsGee
            You are guaranteed the right to return to Park Morton. You will be guaranteed a brand new constructed unit of comparable size to what you currently have or the opportunity to move to a newly constructed building across the street on GA avenue. Your rent will still be subsidized at a comparable rate. You will essentially get a beautiful new development at no additional cost to you. Congrats on your son going to college. But to ignore the crime and issues at Park Morton is just wrong. Instead of being offended, you should be happy that the city is using tax dollars and applying for federal dollars to create a lovely and amenity filled place that benefits you directly as well as the surrounding neighborhood.

  • As posted on the Park View Beautification Crew’s Facebook page:

    From CM Graham — This morning about 1 AM as many as 3-4 shots were fired on this block (700 Blk of Princeton). I have spoken to the 4D Commander about this.

    It is reported that a masked person on foot fired on two persons who were sitting in their vehicle. One was grazed and the other not injured. Both are adults and not from this area. They state that they were taking a break from helping someone to move. They were able to go to Ga Ave and get police assistance. The MPD shotspotter equipment (which identifies the precise location of shots) was activated.

    I am greatly concerned about this. We have not had this kind of walk-by, drive-by shooting in sometime. MPD is on this and it is being actively investigated.

    We will provide more as information becomes available.

  • What a lovely neighborhood.

  • @David

    And I guess shots have never been fired in your neighborhood before?

  • tonyr

    “This morning about 1 AM as many as 3-4 shots …….. They state that they were taking a break from helping someone to move.”

    Mental note – next time I move, don’t do it at 1:00 a.m. on a Thursday.

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