Shooting at 100 block of R St, NE Sunday Evening Around 10pm

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Last night @DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“5D Shooting /100 blk R St NE /A/M shot in the buttocks conscious and breathing / L/O for B/M about 15yrs of age”

This morning MPD adds:

“Four males with a handgun approached the complainant and attempted to rob the complainant. Shots were fired and the complainant was shot twice. No one was arrested at this time. The complainant is in stable condition at this time.”

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  • This is right off the bike path. For those who read my rant earlier, these kid fits the exact description, of the kid I called 911 on yesterday. Great job police on patrolling this area. No school today for these punks…

    Punks “Hey no school today, not that we go anyway, its nice out, lets sit outside and rob innocent people with guns”

    Cops “hey theres no school today and its nice out. Probably should be out patrolling the usual spots. Wasn’t there a report about the bike path yesterday? No lets ride horses down M street in Georgetown. That will look way cool”

    I saw this at lunch.

    Damn these kids, you would be a fool not to assume kids fitting this decription especially around the MBT bike path are up to no good…. sad

    • devoe

      I agree there needs to be more policiing of the MBT, but this happened on Sunday night, not during school hours. Hopefully they will be caught soon.

      • devoe,

        completely correct, I appologize for getting the time of shooting wrong. My fustration with this matter made me misread the above post.

        With that being said. This is even worse. I called the police on a group of teens fitting this exact description last night at 6 pm. One kid around 14 or so black male wearing a teal shirt, a little bit grown out buzz cut riding a crappy purple girls bicycle was following and bothering people going by on the trail. He kept riding back to group of black teens, 3 or so, 2 wearing white shirts and jeans. They looked older, maybe the muscle, providing the gun but using the younger as the lookout and scape goat.

        This discription won’t help much but it’s a description. NO PROPS TO THE COPS HERE. I called and gave them everything above. Had they actually drivin by maybe this might not have happened, assuming this was the same group.

        • devoe

          In that case you should probably call the police again and provide the description again. Or even better send an e-mail to Andy Solberg (MPD 5th District Commander) at and copy the relevant Council Members (at least VO, Mendelson, and Graham) and your ANC commissioner – stating that you requested something to be done, nothing was and as a result someone was shot.

          Please do this, you may be surprised at the response (or it may get nowhere, but you never know unless you try).

      • Devoe

        thanks again, had already called the police back, and will follow up with an email as you suggested.

        I confess myself POP is a great place to vent out fustration, and a lot of times get you no where. But in a case like this it does help, maybe with your contacts something might get done. The fact that multiple innocent people have be targeted at this location is terrible. This isn’t rocket science or better police work as Lanier says is happening. This is a 3 block area, its simply a matter of police presence.

        Disgusting and hope to a healthy recovery to the injured

  • Okay, I’ll start… My great uncle sustained the same injury in WWII.

    I hope this young man has a speedy recovery.

  • squish

    FIFTEEN? FREAKING FIFTEEN?!? DC never ceases to confound me.

  • Where do all these children in DC get their handguns and bullets? Seriously, it’s like a warzone here, and we let them get away with murder, and protect their identities even when they have long career criminal-like arrest records. Totally lame and completely unacceptable that it continues unabated. 15 year old with firearms walking the streets at night in groups, robbing and shooting people. Jeezus freakin’ kriste already!

    • but they’re just kids! ask any one of their relatives and they’ll tell you the kids are good boys and never do anything wrong!

      seriously though, this nonsense has got to stop. obviously DYRS and sentencing laws need reform, but that’s probably not the entire solution. unfortunately, a lot of these kids don’t have any motivation to stay in school, stand up to peer pressure, or think independently of their thug friends. and those things are taught at home. teachers can only do so much…so while improved dc schools are important, something has to be done (and i don’t know what!) about the mindsets of these kids.

  • brookland_rez

    I used to live on that block. Looks like it hasn’t changed. In the one year I lived there, I came home to find the block taped off twice. Once I came out one morning to find stray bullet holes in my car.

  • I can’t decide which is more alarming, the incident itself, or the fact that a person who gets shot is addressed as a “complainant.”.

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