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  • A local landscape artist has been creating these displays in this pocket park for quite a while. They are awesome. Bloomingdale is really amazing these days.

  • This park always looks great!

  • Lived north of Bloomingdale on RI Ave 3 years ago and just moved into the neighborhood after living in SW for 2 years, I’ve gotta say I smile every time I pass this! So happy to be back in the area.

  • I wanna know what kinda MoJo he puts on those bikes to keep the thieves from stealing them lol. Heck they walked right in my front door and stole a bike last year just a block away, yet here are four bikes out in the open and they still stay there. May be I should paint my bikes white………………… : )

    PS, Thanks Tom for making our city a better place, we need more people like you!

  • Sweet – and cheery, I like.

  • Allison

    Random Question: Where I’m from, bicycles painted entirely white are chained to a spot where there was a cycling death, as a memorial. Does anyone know if this is ever done in D.C.? I suppose the bikes would be stolen/dismantled pretty quick.

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