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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Slept for 11 hours!
    Rant: Still have a headache.

  • Rave: Good show last night. White Denim rocked.

    Rant: The Rock and Roll Hotel space is just not all that great, kind of like being a sardine.

  • Rant – Companies who have horrendous job application websites. Are you trying to make the process as annoying as possible!?

    • Discourages tons of people from moving forward career wise. Every site has a different login, too many staffing agents, web sites that ask way too many questions, what the heck is a resume for again? This used to be much more simple.

      • One of my biggest pet peeves is when you are required to fill out an application and list employment history, then submit a resume also. What the hell?

        • I bet this is the result of people not knowing what goes into a proper resume. Employers need to get the information, so they feel the need to walk you through step by step. You would think it would just be easier to not hire the people who don’t bother to include relevant information in their resume.

        • At the bottom of an application you electronically (or wet signature) sign/confirm the information you submitted is accurate. You don’t sign your resume.

          If you lie on your application then an employer has reason to fire you. An employer typically cannot fire you for lying on a resume.

          Many online applications systems will also use this information to track applicant data– most systems ask for voluntary EEO data like race, gender, veteran status, etc. Application data can also be used for pre-employment background checks.

          • Lying on your resume is a legitimate ground for termination in any at-will job, signed or not. For jobs with a contract, most employment contracts have a clause in them that it is grounds to fire you if you obtained the job by false pretenses e.g., lying on your resume. Whether or not you lied in form filling in that you sign, or a resume you mailed that is not signed, is not relevant.

    • Yes, yes yes! Looking at you NDI (not overly complicated just super outdated)

    • talula

      I hate when the website attempts to auto-fill my employment history, because it always ends up in the wrong boxes and I have go through and re-enter everything myself.

      Also when I accidentally click the “back” button and loose all my previous search info and saved jobs. Ugh.

  • Rave: I made a delicious dinner last night, simple and quick pork loin in the oven and veggies.

    Rave: Seemingly successful networking happy hour last night. I’m excited to see where that takes me.

    Rant: It’s only Wednesday.

  • Rave: Former coworker coming over for dinner tonight – I miss seeing her every day so it’ll be good to catch up.

  • Rave: Earth Week and May Day (General Strike) coming up!

    Rant: Can’t find herbal remedy in this town.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Stupid people at work.

    Rave: I thought I left my allergy meds at home, but I just found some in my bag!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Additional Rave: Listening to Elvis kiss girls at the end of “Polk Salad Annie” on the album On Stage. Cracks me up every time!
      “…You’ve already had it too, you want it again? ok. Hang loose everybody.”

  • me

    Rant: The seal on my coffee cup (24-oz) wasn’t quite right, even though the lid was on perfectly, so I only succeeded in spilling about 1/4 of it in my car and on myself on the way to work.

    Rant: Struggling with coffee spillage, 2 large binders, my purse, and a textbook I brought in to lend to a coworker, and the person in front of me (who clearly saw me) didn’t even try to hold the heavy door for me.

    Rave: Not nearly as sore as I thought I’d be from an evening chock-full-o’ exercise last night!

  • rave: seeing and laughing with a friend last night i haven’t seen in way too long. made a crappy day so much better.

    rant: allergies or cold? i am thinking the former. although some kid coughed all over me on the bus this morning without covering his mouth so it might not be too long before it’s the latter.

    rant: so confused. about everything.

    rave: going to SF for work next month.

    rant: i still hate the job.

  • Rave: Saw a cop pull over a bicyclist for running a red light yesterday, it warmed my lil heart that they are now required to obey the law too, just like drivers. I love riding my bike, but now everyone on 2 wheels wants to ride like a bike courier, its out of control.

    Rave: Meridian Pint is a really nice and unexpectedly huge corner bar. Just went there last weekend. The only thing missing was some sort of musical entertainment. Someone there told me they were against DJs, but I think if they had turntables I could do a good job of holding a crowd there.

    • saf

      Oh, DJs at Meridian Pint would be a bad idea. It’s already too loud in there.

      Also, we go there to hang out, talk, and drink beer. Not to listen to somebody’s idea of good music.

      • +1 saf. The Pint is perfect the way it is.

        Want loud music? Wonderland is just down the road.

        • I wen there too, but wonderland is a dump now, also gets waay too hot in summer, they really need to renovate…

  • rave: I LOVE cycling to work!

  • You’re both wrong. Wood-fired pizza.

  • Rant: With new baby, no time to work out. If there is time, it’s it’s the precious hour that I have at home with the baby, whom I’d much rather spend time with. Lunch breaks at work are taken up by pumping. But my body desperately needs exercise. I had to put a freeze on my gym membership because I wasn’t going. Sad sad sad…

    Rave: All the azaleas in bloom around DC.

    • baby in a snugli and take a walk? bike seat or baby jogger? I know it’s not ideal, but maybe good for the weekends?

  • Rant (at myself): I almost hit a biker this morning while trying to get my car out of the way of a firetruck on 14th, and initially yelled at the biker.

    Rave: the biker was super understanding and calm (or maybe just scared and calm, but I appreciated it). I caught myself and apologized for almost hitting him (my fault!) and then yelling at him. I bike to work on 14th a lot and he handled this far better than I would have! Many props (and apologies) to him.

    Rant again: Bike lanes need to be protected. As a fellow bike commuter, I think I am usually pretty biker aware, and in this instance my “fire truck! move!” instinct totally overrode my bike-lane awareness. I’ll pay more attention in the future, but I think it will always be hard to really teach people who learned to drive without a big biking population to have the best instincts.

  • Rant: The So-In-Love cople on the 14th St bus (very crowded as always) this morning who apparently couldn’t bear to be parted even for the length of the bus ride. They stood clenched together, completely blocking the aisle and unwilling to move more than a few inches when more people crammed on, until folks got fed up and shoved past the lovebirds. Then She got a seat and He insisted on standing right next to her, gazing lovingly down at her, again blocking the aisle and refusing to move. The funny part was, once they got off and I saw them walking down the block, She was about eight paces ahead, pretty much ignoring Him as he followed along.

    • The part where they walk off and she is several strides ahead…and this surprises you how?

      FWIW: When I read “Him,” I thought you might be referring to God.

      • The surprise was that they seemed to require constant physical contact while on the bus, but then were far, far apart on the street.

  • Bear

    Rant: I somehow hurt my foot, just by walking.

    Double rant: I got a reminder of why I hate the dentist so much. 5 shots of novocaine–the whole side of my head was numb, but I still felt the drilling in my tooth. He wouldn’t finish the filling–I have a temporary cap in it and I have to go back next week for more of the same fun. This happened once before in high school and it took me years to feel comfortable at the dentist again. I’m going to need to find some xanax or valium before my appointment next week.

    • Ugh, that stinks about the dentist. I’m curious, are you a redhead by chance? I think I read a study once that showed that novocaine doesn’t work well on many redheads.

    • anon. gardener

      Sometimes it can be difficult to hit the nerve with the novocaine. i had this problem with one of my back teeth. apparently my jaw anatomy is a little different and the nerve isn’t in the usual place. the third dentist believed me when i said my tooth wasn’t numb. he was super nice. when all else fails, just start crying – that usually gets their attention.

      • Bear

        Yeah, I was pretty close to tears yesterday. And my dentist was really nice–when it became clear that more shots were not helping things he called it a day instead of making me suffer through it. I just hope that it goes better next week. And I’m totally asking for the gas.

  • Rant: The girl who tried to dart out in front of my car while I had a green light to catch an S9 bus at 16th and Euclid. Yes, I yelled at you for a reason. It is hard enough trying to make a right turn at that god-for-saking-cluster-of-a-light without worrying about hitting moronic pedestrians. GAH.

    Rant: Less money, still mo’ problems.

    Rave: Lunar Massage. I honestly don’t know what I would do if that place wasn’t in my life.

    • Wait, you were making a right turn on a green? Wouldn’t that mean that she had a walk sign and the right of way? Or was she crossing 16th? If the former, you were in the wrong.

      • Nope, she was trying to cross the street when I had the green. She was trying to walk in front of my car before I made a right. Even if I was going straight, she’d be in the wrong.

    • That intersection sucks. I cross there every day and cars do not even slow down for pedestrians when making a right/left turn on arrow. Had to let at least 5 cars go and then run across in the last few seconds on my walk signal.

    • That intersection is horrid – and has gotten worse since they made Euclid one way on the west side of 16th. It was bad before, it is horrible now.

      Pedestrians run across Euclid street, cyclists ride on the sidewalk and zoom through crosswalks, and cars are highly frustrated that they are always boxed in. Putting in the turn arrow for the west bound Euclid turn south onto 16th has been a slight improvement (if the f’ing peds would EVER pay attention to it).

      And that Howard bus stop needs to be moved into the turnabout for their dormitory. They have a turn about, they don’t need the street space on a thin 2 lane street (and then there could be a left turn land and a right turn lane for the westbound drivers).

  • Rave: NHL playoffs start tonight!

    Rant: I haven’t posted in weeks and still got the “you are posting too quickly” message.

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